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Great Lakes Kwik Space provides quick portable storage space for businesses throughout the the Janesville area area. We utilize refurbished cargo containers and semi-trailers to deliver extra storage space when you need it where you want it. Great Lakes Kwik Space has rental container options in the Janesville area as well as purchase options throughout Wisconsin.

We provide convenient storage options with next day delivery directly to you. Our storage containers in the Janesville area, storage trailers in the Janesville area and accessories are available for rental throughout the Janesville area. We provide custom container modifications to meet your specific needs. Regardless of your needs contact Great Lakes Kwik Space's sales department for consultation today. We have decades of experience in the industry and will make sure we provide you with the storage solutions that fits your needs specifically.

We are your number one provider of storage containers, and storage trailers for Wisconsin. Call us today at (800) 966-1016 for a Kwik Quote.