Container Technology, Inc. specializes in the sale of shipping containers and storage containers to individuals and businesses throughout Anniston, AL. If you are looking for a shipping container in Anniston, AL, Container Technology, Inc is the best company to service your needs. Our "on-site" shipping containers, storage containers and trailers come out of international and intermodal shipping service or new directly from the manufacturer and can be delivered to your site in Anniston, Alabama.

Our containers are secure, provide ground level entry and are available in 20, 40, 48, and 53. sizes. Container Technology specializes in providing the best quality and service throughout Anniston, AL.

Containers can be modified to meet your specifications and delivered to Anniston, Alabama. Containers are available throughout the United States. Request a free quote today or give us a call at (800) 266-1266.

As an additional service, Container Technology has a portable cold storage rental and sales division. Portable Refrigeration Storage, Inc. provides on-site temperature controlled storage containers perfect for all your cold storage requirements in Anniston, AL . These electric powered refrigerated containers and refrigerated trailers are not only quiet but offer short and long term solutions to customers who require constant temperature controlled storage.

Thank you for visiting Container Alliance Anniston, AL your best choice for quality portable storage containers in Anniston, cargo containers in Anniston.

The team at Georgia Storage Containers, Inc. specializes in the rental of portable storage containers throughout Anniston, AL, and shipping container rentals in Anniston, AL.. Georgia Storage Containers offers rental services for individuals and businesses in Anniston, AL.

GSC will deliver a shipping container, storage container or trailer directly to you, when you want it and where you want it! Our ,on-site, shipping containers, storage containers and trailers are watertight and secure. They are available in 20ft, 40ft, 48ft and 53ft sizes. Just look for the smiling peach!

We also sell and modify containers through our parent company Container Technology, Inc. Contact us today or Request a free quote.