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40 ft Shipping Container - How To Decide?
40 ft shipping container - How to Decide?

40 ft Shipping Container - How To Decide?

"Shipping containers are one of the most popular ways to move large amounts of materials for a long distance."

It's simply not practical to ship using regular trucks or airplanes when the volume of goods being shipped exceeds the capacity of what these vehicles would be able to take on board. The first thing to think about is the size of the container that you need. These generally come in two sizes, with a few exceptions. That includes 20' shipping containers and a 40' shipping container. Although the 40' container is able to hold twice as many items, they only cost 15% more than a 20-footer, making them a most cost effective solution if you have a lot to ship.

There are several key factors to think about before you make a purchase of a 40' shipping container, or decide to rent one. The first thing is to start off with a little bit of planning. Think about what you are going to be using it for, and how often you think you will need it. Larger companies or organizations that ship on a regular basis will probably want to check into storage containers for sale. Owning a storage container is especially useful for international shippers who need 24/7 access. However, if this is simply for a personal move overseas or anything along those lines, a rental might make more sense.

Another benefit of choosing to rent or buy a 40' shipping container is that they are the most abundant size of container worldwide, and comply with all size regulations that have been put in place by the ISO. This is important if you plan to ship overseas, because you will not be able to if your crate or container doesn't meet these international standards. That is both for safety concerns as well as in the interest of expediting as many containers at a time on one shipping vessel.

These are just a few of the factors to think about before you end up renting or buying a 40' shipping container. If you do determine that this is the best size for you, and that you wish to buy one for repeated use, you can have another option in between used or new containers. Buying used can lend itself well to a tight budget, but be sure that the container is still in top shape, and free from any leaks or damage.

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