fire training in used shipping containers

Shipping containers can be modified to fit a variety of industries and situations.

One example of this is using used shipping containers  to simulate a fire training facility. Fire departments around the country don’t have many resources and thus are always on the lookout for useful, safe, and cost-effective ways to practice fire training.  One good, reusable option – steel storage containers.  The containers’ reinforced steel structure can easily be modified to recreate real life fires because they are fireproof and can be burned multiple times. These modified shipping containers are also portable and can be replaced over the years with ease. Fire departments continue to re-use containers for fire training structures and multiple other uses.

One department that has been working on creating a safe way to practice is the Sylva Fire Department in Sylva, NC. Sylva FD purchased two 20 ft shipping containers and two 40 ft containers last summer to build fire training structures with cost-effective storage containers.

This is one of those scenarios in which industries and government sectors need to innovate with the limited resources they have, such as coming up with ways to creatively reuse or modify metal containers. By utilizing modified shipping containers, firefighters and rescue workers develop actual firefighting experience in a fire training container. In this instance, fire departments can use a steel fire-proof container to learn fire behavior such as fire growth, rollover, flashover, and backdraft phenomena as well as practice fire-reduction techniques.

The Financial and Safety Benefits for Fire Departments having Fire Training Structures

Its spreading like wildfire (pun intended), fire departments all over cities and towns throughout the United States are taking cost preventive steps toward lowering business’ fire insurance costs and a giant leap in improving firefighter training by investing in modified fire training containers.

County officials are starting to see the possibilities with purchasing ISO shipping containers to assemble a two-story structure made from metal containers to replace their outdated training setups. Some of the simulations firefighters practice are extinguishing wooden pallets set ablaze inside the shipping containers. Within the fire training containers, firefighters can learn when to use a T, Z, or O-shaped pattern to extinguish a fire. Keeping fires at bay inside buildings is also a valuable skill learned inside modified shipping containers, since a stream of water maneuvered incorrectly may produce sufficient steam to suffocate a person trapped inside a room.  “There is an art to interior firefighting,”  an anonymous fire chief states. “The only way to teach that is to actually do it.”


Modified Fire Training Container Options

What are the possible options that can come with these kinds specially modified containers?
With all of the features of a fixed training facility and the ease of installation of a portable trainer unit, fire training containers are ideal solutions for many fire departments. These fire training containers can be permanent or semi-permanent installations and they also help to overcome zoning or regulatory issues. The Fire and rescue containers can range in different sizes and levels.  You can get stand-alone single containers, or larger stackable multi-level complexes. Also Non-fire, search and rescue units can be made upon request. Call us with a questions at 1 888-896-5084 or just request a custom quote!

Modified shipping containers are a great solution for future firefighters in training who need to learn the basic NFPA 1001 fire fighting skills. These fire training structures help simulate realistic fire situations  in a very controlled, safe, and environmentally sound way.

Some containers can have very special features, like movable interior walls could be repositioned if necessary. Or another feature that could be purchased is a robust 10,000 cfm smoke generator which completely clouds a persons vision, which will give fire department rookies the simulation and practice of a real life search and rescue mission. These units can be designed to be in compliance with UL508 and NFPA 86 standards and made to fit the guidelines of NFPA 1402 and 1403.  Our single or multi-unit container units can be equipped with many different naval props to accommodate maritime fire training drills.

Other possible features include:

• Pitched roofs
• Chop out panels
• Ventilation fans
• Doors w/ optional forcible entry jambs
• Shuttered windows
• Observation windows
• They can have an equipment room
• Interchangeable fire mock-ups

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