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As a business owner, you’re always looking to cut costs, and shipping containers allow you to do just that. Modified shipping containers aren’t just for storage or tiny houses–stand out from the crowd and harness the mighty power of a modified shipping containers for your business! More and more business owners are realizing the benefits of using a modified shipping container to house their business. At Container Alliance, we have begun to see a new trend in shipping container architecture—shipping container shops!

Those big metal boxes that you see on the side on the road may look plain and ordinary, however they are anything but. A shipping container is the business owner’s secret weapon. Strong, secure, and cost effective, a shipping container can handle anything you throw at it!


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Container Alliance can modify any shipping container or storage container and transform it into the perfect space for your business in a matter of weeks if not days! Choose between a number of different lighting, insulation, electrical, and custom paint packages in order to create the perfect commercial or retail space for your business.

Harness the power of shipping containers for your business! Container Alliance has shipping containers in lengths from 10ft to 45ft with high cube (HC) and double door options available for lease or purchase.

At first glance, shipping containers and retail may seem like a bad idea. But with a little creative innovation, they can the perfect option for the savvy budget-conscious business owner. A customized shipping container shop hits the trifecta. Cost effective, flexible, and portable!


A custom shipping container is a cost effective option whether you are planning to open up a new business or simply expand your business at a new location.


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Modifying a shipping container into a commercial or retail space allows you to minimize your investment while maximizing profit. Think of it like a food truck or a pop-up shop. You don’t have to go through the lengthy process of finding a brick and mortar space that is properly zoned or with the hassle of extensive and expensive renovations and pesky inspectors. Nor do you have to settle for a space that is too big or too small because it’s the only space available that meets your criteria.

With a shipping container space, you pick the right size container for your business needs and customize it to your exact specifications. When it’s finished it is good to go, just hook it up to utilities and get cooking! Just imagine— you could have a shipping container coffee shop ready for business in a matter of days and for a fraction of the cost as a traditional space!

Housing your business in a modified shipping container could even help your business generate some free advertising. Shipping containers stand out from the crowd and generate conversation. You can even utilize custom paint for extra branding.



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Commercial shipping container spaces allow your business to have unprecedented flexibility when responding to customer needs and wants. First, containerizing your shop or restaurant gives you access to locations that are unaccessible with traditional brick and mortar store fronts. Take advantage of that small awkwardly shaped lot in the desirable location without spending a ton of money and time building out a custom retail space. Your containerized business can be placed anywhere there’s room and quickly customized for a fraction of the cost of traditional builds. Shipping container businesses also allow you to expand rapidly and easily. You can easily expand your square footage or even a second level to your business just by adding another shipping container!

Containerizing your business also lets you move locations with minimal costs. Instead of leaving behind a space that you painstakingly renovated, you can take your business space with you—appliances and all! Imagine the security of knowing that your shipping container restaurant could be moved completely intact if there were ever any issues. Or knowing that your shipping container shop could be moved to a new location with higher foot traffic in a matter of days!


Container Alliance provides shipping containers, storage containers, and custom container modifications in California and is part of a network of shipping container providers throughout the United States. We have been in business for 8 years and work with every client to find the perfect storage solution to meet their unique needs. You’ve got nothing to lose—give us a call at 800-386-2345 today and we’ll hook you up with a box, no matter where you are or what you want. Or get an online quote now.

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