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Curacao’s “My Voice Matters” Travels Cross Country


The Project:

Earlier this month Container Alliance modified a container for the retail department store chain, Curacao. We modified a 40″ High Cube Wind and Water Tight container to fit a mobile art display for our customer.

We added custom red paint and custom framing for eight 6′ clear tempered glass windows to start the foundation of their shipping container art space. Led lighting fixtures were added to the interior of the ceiling. An Interior mounted electrical panel and 3 breakers were also installed. A white partition was later added down the center of the container to display the art to the outside. Curacao later placed the container on their truck and outfitted the shipping container art space exterior with their decals so it was ready to display.

About The Company:

Curacao has a strong background of serving the Hispanic and Latino community through its #CuracaoContigo platform. Their multiple locations in California, Arizona, and Nevada feature bilingual staff and signage while also selling merchandise on credit to over two million private label cardholders.


The Movement:

Curacao’s newly launches campaign, “My Voice Matters” (Mi Voz Cuenta), is a social initiative that aspires to encourage and create positive action among Hispanic communities across the nation. Their reason for this project is very clear, “The daily and constant fear of losing a family member through deportation is often unbearable. We understand that our country needs security and safety. However, families should not be torn apart and human rights must be respected.”



The Curacao truck will be traveling across the nation from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. stopping at select cities along the way. In these cities, children and families create drawings reflecting how they feel about their life and how immigration affects them. Their pictures will be carried across America for each city to see. Along the way, there will be several artists to assist the children in these workshops to making their vision a reality.

These messages of love and unity will be presented in front of the White House as a symbol for the entire country to see. To become part of this movement or find out more information about “My Voice Matters” visit their website or follow the journey on Facebook. For any other needs or questions go to or call (800) 386-2345.



Sourcing the Best Shipping Container: Top Ten US Ports

Shipping ContainersIf you are in the market for a shipping container or have already acquired a shipping container, it is helpful to understand where shipping containers come from.

Whether a new “one-trip” container or a used container, shipping containers start their life in Asia and are shipped by boat to the United States. Excess shipping containers arrive in U.S. ports and are stored in terminals and depots adjacent to the ports.


PortsSince shipping containers in the U.S. are sourced from ports, it is helpful to know which ports in the U.S. have the largest volumes of shipping traffic. This important as the volume of shipping traffic affects the both the pricing and availability of shipping containers in your area.

At Container Alliance, we have created lasting relationships with the biggest and best shipping lines and leasing companies in the industry and are very careful in the products that we select.


As presented in National Real Estate Investor, the Top 10 US Ports are:


Shipping Container in a Port

10. Port Everglades, FL

9. Tacoma, WA

8. Charleston, SC

7. Oakland, CA

6. Houston, TX

5. Norfolk, VA

4. Seattle, WA

3. Savannah, GA

2. New York, NY

1. Los Angeles/Long Beach, CA

Excess shipping containers have a wide variety of applications outside of shipping. These applications include being used for offices, residences, and storage. At Container Alliance, we are proud to offer a number of sizes and types of ship containers for sale or rent. We also offer a wide range of custom container modifications.

Please call us at (800) 386-2345 to talk to a sales rep or fill out a quote.

On Site Storage Solutions For Residential and Businesses

On Site Storage Solutions For Residential and Businesses

20 ft container rental

Container Alliance’s On-Site Storage division offers storage containers for sale, as well as storage containers for rent, throughout North America. We specialize in providing secure steel portable storage containers when and where you need them at competitive wholesale prices. Our on site storage containers can be used as either home storage or commercial storage. They are a perfect way to increase your storage space at a minimum cost. You can have the containers on rental basis and keep them for as long as you want. Alternately our containers are also available on to buy outright for those who want to permanently reap the benefits of the mobile storage. Container Alliance is the country’s leader in refurbished shipping containers and portable on site storage containers.

Residential Storage

Making More Room at Your Home
Reclaim a room, take back your basement, or garage of clutter. Store extra items in safe and clean portable on site storage container outside your property.

Renovations and Construction

Starting a large remodeling project? Need an on site storage solution? Protect your furniture and belongings from workers, dust, dirt by storing them. By utilizing our on site storage containers you can make your home still sort of livable during the process of a major home renovation.

Selling Your Home: Unclutter and Staging Prep

Getting ready to put your home on the market for sale. Allow your realtor to help with uncluttering your personal belongings and being able to stage it for new people to see with it, by using secure on site storage containers can solve all of these issues.

Business and Commercial Storage

Container Alliance provides an ideal on site storage solution for a number of different industries and needs. Create a secure and portable office storage container with 20 or 40 foot cargo containers for construction sites, athletic fields, and more.

Industries Served:

  • Retail companies
  • Wholesalers
  • Farms
  • Contractors
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Athletic fields
  • Municipalities
  • Loading docks
  • Marinas

Filing and Document Storage

Dental, Law, Medical offices or any other business that stores a number of private personal information and sensitive client documents, can lease one of Container Alliances units that come already set with special heavy duty shelving.


A Secure Ground Level Solution

All our containers go through a detailed inspection ensuring all units are wind/water tight. The Units are certified ISO standardized cargo worthy and CSC plated for international movement if required. Wherever you are located in the country, Container Alliance’s services are just a phone call away 1-888-896-5084. Contact us for a free quote. We are present along the length and breadth of the country and our extensive network enables us to reach you faster and address to your needs speedily. We provide a full range of services, including trailers, custom container modifications and container delivery. We can provide containers to any residential or commercial site throughout North America with full door-to-door service. Our shipping partners are experts in moving empty and loaded containers throughout the US.


Container Alliance’s On-Site Storage Solutions offers a wide variety of container sizes and types:

  • We have all sizes of New & Used Containers: 10’ 20’ 40′ 45′
  • We have Standard Dry Vans and High Cubes
  • We offer Refrigerated Containers
  • Customers can Purchase,  Rent, or Lease-to-Buy
  • Our Containers are Lockable, Secure, and Wind/Water Tight
  • Custom Container Modifications are available
  • We can Deliver them to Your Home or Business
  • We offer container solutions In Most States in the US and some other countries – Contact us for more information.

Give us a call at 1 (888)-856-5084 for more information about our shipping container rental prices and our on-site storage solutions or click on this link to Get a free quote now.

Container Technology, Inc – Launches New Website

Container Technology, Inc the leading portable storage provider based in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Container Technology specializes in the sale of standard and specialized storage containers. Container Alliance is proud to be a part of the development of the new web base for Container Technology which showcases the quality and efficiency. Visit and take a look at the new content.

Ocean Freight Containers : From Global Economics to Sustainability

The Shipping Container industry is one that is of massive global proportions.  The majority of finished goods and non bulk cargo is transported throughout the world inside the ISO shipping container. Most ocean freight containers are in circulation for 8-12 years before they are made available for sale or “off-hired” to the major port cities.  These off-hires are now available as a shipping container for sale.  The post shipping life of the container has become an entirely new industry of innovation and sustainability due to the fact that the containers are being “up-cycled” or “re-used” “re-cycled” or “re-purposed”.  Regardless of the term you are using the bottom line is that the 1 million and 1 uses for a cargo container is a good thing.   To see just a few examples of these new uses for containers visit this page:  creative uses for containers

Let’s first take a look back in time:  Many people think the Shipping Container was invented in China — not true.  The first shipping container was invented and patented in 1956 by an American named Malcolm McLean.  McLean was not an ocean shipper, but was a trucker and by 1956 he owned the largest trucking fleet in the South and the fifth largest trucking company in all the United States. He saved his money and bought his first truck in 1934. During those years all cargo was loaded and unloaded in odd sized wooden crates. The process was very slow, extremely expensive and certainly not standardized. After observing this slow and inefficient process for 20 years, he finally decided to step back and develop some standardized way of loading cargo from trucks to ships and warehouses. Malcolm then purchased Pan Atlantic Tanker Company, which owned a bunch of fairly rusted tankers. He re-named the new shipping company Sea-Land Shipping.  With this shipping company he could finally experiment with better ways to load and un-load trucks and ships.  After many experiments, his final design is what we know now as the Shipping Container. …super strong, uniform design, theft resistant, stackable, easy to load, unload, truck, rail, ship, and certainly store.  Now, it becomes available to the public, as a shipping container for sale and the economic impact has been nothing less than monumental.

Matson, on the West coast of the US also attempted the container concept, but failed sorely. The final boost to standardize McLean’s concept was the US Navy and by the early 70’s were globally accepted.  Although McLean had the first concept and working system in 1956, it was the US military who finally accomplished what was necessary to make the ISO  (International Organization for Standardization) shipping container accepted by every shipping line and every country of the world.

Because it was so much faster and organized to load and unload, the cost of loading freight was reduced by more than 90%. Thus, the cost of products you sell or buy were reduced greatly because of the invention and standardization of the ISO shipping container.   The shipping container for sale had become a global economic phenomenon

The worldwide transportation industry responded rapidly to this new invention of the Shipping Container and the rest of the world also began to find more uses for this “super box”, not just for shipping. The new shipping container for sale was so well designed that it can hold tons of cargo inside, and also easily withstand the weight of 8 or 10 more fully loaded containers on the top of it.  ISO shipping containers are the strongest mobile or stationary modular structure in the world.

So although Malcolm McLean invented and developed the first ISO Shipping Container, it was the U.S. Military who pushed the use of these ISO Boxes to become standard in shipping and ship building.  The military was also were the first to officially create the ISBU for use as quick, strong military housing, offices, power plants and instant set up medical facilities.

Now that we have a little history on the global economic significance of Cargo Containers, let’s take a look at what has become increasingly important in the world as we move forward: Sustainability.

Traditionally, shipping lines have had their containers fitted with tropical hardwood floors.  It takes two cubic meters of hardwood to produce floors for three, 40ft containers.  The container industry uses approximately 1.2-1.5 million cubic meters of hardwood annually to meet demand for new containers.  Environmental awareness has brought new materials to the manufacturing table that is less harmful to the environment then the old growth hardwoods traditionally used in the past. Container factories have also taken a longer look at paint application processes and the steel manufacturing process to become more efficient and less wasteful.

With the recent economic slowdown, the production of a shipping container for sale has slowed almost to a halt.  This has been somewhat of a reason for the general public to overlook the damage that building new containers has done, and will continue to do, to the environment.   However, now that manufacturing is seeing a slight uptick due to some economic recovery; that is starting to change. After having such a positive fiscal impact on the global economy, some of the largest container manufacturing companies are now taking responsibility with some of the negative aspects that the cargo freight industry has brought on.

To that end, Maersk line has introduced a new policy that insures all new manufactured Ocean Freight Containers are designed with responsible forestry practices or non-wood alternatives such as bamboo and recycled plastic.  Maersk sources say that any tropical hardwood that is used will be certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC); also stated is the fact that as an interim solution applicable only in 2011, tropical hardwood verified as legal by FSC will be accepted while the alternative types are scaled up in production.  The new cargo containers produced by Maersk will be FSC-labeled in hopes that this type of shipping container manufacturing will become a standard in that industry.  Maersk representative’s state that they are confident that the work and testing they have done with regards to alternative solutions for floors has been sufficient, and believe they can convey this to customers.  This new policy will not only be implemented within the Maersk organization, but throughout their global supply chain.  Which is significant.

The invention and production of ocean freight containers has been obviously been a large economic boost in our world.  Now we are faced with the inevitable environmental impacts that have been created from that outset.  The more we read, talk and scrutinize these factors, the more chances we have that change will happen.

For now, Container Alliance, as a network of small to mid-sized portable storage companies, will continue to work diligently to help our clients innovate and find as many new uses as possible for the ISO shipping container by offering storage containers for sale throughout the United States. In addition, it is our goal to continue to raise awareness about the positive aspects of sustainability within the Container industry.

Written By Gabe Crane

About The Author: Gabe Crane Sales Representative,  New Business Developer and ISBU Expert at Container Alliance

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