So, your daughter or son wants a swimming pool. You’re also into the idea of a natural way to cool off during those sweltering summer days. Now you can expect to pay a minimum of $20,000 for an in-ground pool.

Why make such a permanent and wallet-burdening commitment when purchasing a shipping container that is easily transportable amounts to a fraction of the price? With a shipping container swimming pool, you will hardly make a dent in your savings, and it can actually be a great bonding activity for families.20' Container

City-dwellers have been beating the heat by dipping into dumpsters for several years now, giving new lives to once-trash-filled vessels. You can do the same with a shipping container pool in a suburban backyard, making the family happy despite the lack of space or money for a fully-fledged pool.

Using a shipping container is perfect for the job; generally, you will purchase water-tight containers, and you can place them inside of a pit or simply at ground level. Their unbeatably durable structure makes the ideal base for the modifications necessary to create your own summer oasis—they’re about as secure as you can get. Given that shipping containers are built to withstand travel & weather conditions across the ocean, what better fixture for your backyard than a shipping container swimming pool?

DIY Shipping Container Swimming Pool, via theepic:

  1. DE-ROOFING: Either confirm that your container will come to you sans-roof, or remove it yourself.
  2. WATERPROOFING: Be sure your container is welded watertight. Obtain good paint, and after priming  (but before applying the final coat) apply a marine-grade epoxy.
  3. STRUCTURING: Ring container with steel channel, and add plating to keep water in the pool.
  4. PLUMBING: Consult a pool store to purchase and install the pump, filter, heater, etc that any chlorinated pool requires.
  5. FINE-TUNING: Paint the inside and outside of the container, and add a couple ladders, depending on personal preferences.

Get your shipping container pool process moving by scoping out Container Alliance’s shipping container selections, which you can expect to be water-tight and ready for application of marine-grade epoxy. Contact us by calling 800-386-2345 or stay online to get a quote today. Set up your shipping container swimming pool before those warm days of late spring, and enjoy it all summer long!

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