Refrigerated ContainerWhen dealing with new and used storage containers, the paint you choose makes a difference. It’s not simply a question of color preference—different shades can have different effects on the quality of both the exterior of the container and its inner storage abilities. A lighter or darker shade can also mean lots of unforeseen upkeep—to keep a container in certain colors looking like new, extra cleaning and continuous painting of a shipping container will be necessary.

In our years of experience with new and used custom storage containers, the team at Container Alliance has gathered that neutral shades of paint have the best stamina over time, while also giving you the most bang for your buck. Here’s why. 

GLOSS PAINT: While the idea of a shiny container is appealing to many customers, the polished appearance that you desire when ordering gloss paint is generally lost to increased visibility of blemishes. We can always guarantee a reliable structure, whether the container is new or used—but even our prime one trip containers still had to make a trip across the ocean. It’s only natural that they will show some blemishes. To make these marks less conspicuous, avoid gloss paint.

MATTE: The uneven nature of matte paint makes surfaces susceptible to becoming dirty. It’s easy for particles to get caught onto the walls, accumulating into an eyesore over time. If covered in matte paint, even the newest containers will appear like they have been used for years. Some customers find the bumpy effect attractive, but in the end, we recommend avoiding this type of paint. You’ll be more satisfied by standard paint in a neutral color.

DARK OR LIGHT COLORS: Painting a shipping container in bright and light colors require a lot more effort and expense than neutral shades. Neutral colors tend to blend in nicely with the dirt and dust particles that inevitably end up surfacing on the container, while other shades demand constant upkeep. The additional coats of paint needed to make certain shades look attractive must also be taken into account, because the paint order might be a lot more expensive than previously predicted.

Also, consider temperature: dark and light paint can have various effects on the interior temperature of the container. The reflective qualities of light paint allow for cooler temperatures, giving you more of an ability to maintain the temperature despite not ordering insulation. Dark paint absorbs heat and can increase the storage temperature whether you like it or not.

Contact Container Alliance at 800-386-2345 or email to learn more about painting a shipping container and custom storage containers. One of our sales representatives would be more than happy to help you weigh your options.

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