The 10ft Storage Container provides 582 cu. ft. of safe, secure container space. The ability to position these units into tighter places make them the most portable of all Container Alliance options. "One-Trip Shipping Containers" receive their name from being manufactured overseas and then shipped with a single container cargo load. These containers have typically only been used once, making them "New" or "Like New". Our 10ft sale containers are available in either new or refurbished condition with two door options: a secure cargo door or easy to access roll up door. The 10 ft Container provides 582 cu. ft. of safe, secure storage space. If your needs include stacking or hoisting the container, please let your sales representative know so we can make sure to customize one to fit your needs.

Typical rule of thumb for delivery space needed for any container is twice the length of the container plus 10ft. Adequate height and width need to be taken into consideration for delivery as well.

Looking to export your container? We have cargo worthy certification available for all container sizes.

Please contact Container Alliance for a quote that best suits your needs.

Typical Dimensions
Exterior Interior Door Opening
Length Width Height Length Width Height Width Height
10′ Container 10′ 8′ 8’6" 9′ 3" 7’8" 7’9-7/8" 7”8" 7’5"