Thomas Fowler, Professor of Architecture and design as well as the Assistant Department Head for the Architecture School at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo has been engaged in the use of cargo container for affordable and housing for the future. Prof. Fowler and ContainerAlliance teamed up to create curriculum for third Year Cal Poly Design Students to participate in a competition to design a Shipping Container House to assist the country of Haiti in its relief efforts. The designs produced and quality of work has captured the audience of the portable storage community. Thank you Cal Poly University, the students in participation and Professor Fowler.

Original Contest Rules

The Stephen O. Anderson Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of Stephen Otto Anderson, a 1969 graduate, and is presented to a third year architecture student for excellence in design. Stephen expressed fond memories of his Cal Poly experiences in third year design and gave inspiration for this award. Design excellence is determined on the basis of responses to a design problem given to third year students during spring quarter.

The competition objectives are to encourage and reward excellence in design and to strengthen the design community here at Cal Poly. The problem is intended to address the aims of the third year design, history/theory, environmental control systems (ECS) and the practice curriculum in creating life enhancing, appropriately detailed and thoroughly integrated, place responsive design.

Competition participants will have the opportunity to develop the following:

  • Demonstrate the use and detailed design for developing a solution that responds to the problem
  • Demonstrate their full range of design abilities, critical thinking, and creative potentials while working within the constraints of a project of local and global significance

COMPETITION CHALLENGE The Container Alliance Company in Santa Barbara, CA will be sending recycled shipping containers to Haiti to assist with the efforts to provide housing relief for families. The design challenge to assist this company in their relief efforts is to develop a design proposal for containers used that are in a "Cargo Worthy" condition and will be delivered into Haiti with cargo from various locations throughout the world. All work will be done "onsite" in Haiti, single story only. The project competition relates to phase 1 of this long-term development project, which consists of creating quick and easy living space that does not sacrifice the structural integrity that will be needed in Phase 2 where these containers will be built into a more permanent design structure. Phase 1 containers will be "stand alone" structures used for quick housing of 6 adults. The use of the ideas from this competition for developing the next steps of this project will be at the discretion of the Container Alliance Company.


First Place

Grant M. Cogan
for entry called "Ready Ship Live"

Honorable Mention

Karen S. Wang
for entry called "Hinged"

Other Entries