Product: 20ft Modified One Trip Container

The San Gorgonio Pass Wind Farm is one of three major wind farms in California, located on the Eastern slope of the San Gorgonio pass in Riverside County. This area is one of the windiest places in California. Having been studied for years, development of the wind farm was established in 1982. During the years, numerous wind turbines have become part of the natural landscape. Each turbine ranges from 80-160 feet in height.

20ft one trip container

San Gorgonio Farms, Inc. contacted us to create a space that needed to be economical and extremely secure to house the computer equipment that monitors the electrical efficiency of the wind farm. With these factors in mind, they came to the right place to house such equipment in an earth conscious way without having to pull a permit and bring in a construction crew to create a building to house the equipment.

We took a 20ft One Trip Container to be modified at our facility in Santa Fe Springs, CA. The custom shipping container was insulated throughout the interior with R13 insulation and wood framing to ensure a cool temperature inside the container. We then cut into the 20ft One Trip Container a 36 inch corrugated door. We then insulated the corrugated door as well and installed a double dead bolt locking system that is safe and secure. Being that the custom shipping container would essentially become the data center to monitor the power generated from the wind turbine, a heavy duty 460 volt electrical package was needed as well. Using a shipping container and adding the proper modifications ensured security and the reassurance that the sensitive equipment is kept safe in a temperature controlled environment. Containers are secure, wind and water proof, and even rodent proof.

Using Shipping containers is ideal for creating secure spaces because they are designed and prefabricated to do so. They are sealed and constructed of Corten Steel. Another perk of using a shipping container is that depending on the size of the container, any unit can be catered to your specifications. They are almost like blank canvases just waiting to be designed to the fit the eye of the beholder. A custom shipping container is not only a green way to build a space, but it is more economical as well. Saving you money in the long run because they tend to outlast other buildings constructed of materials besides steel. So you get more bang for your buck and less worry, knowing a reused shipping container will outlast other building options and is completely portable. If San Gorgonio decides to move the power monitoring system to a different area, all they need to do is pour another pad and move the container.

This was an amazing project because it was completely green. It was also economical in the sense that building this would have been far more expensive and probably not as secure as using other materials besides steel. We rest assure knowing we can provide secure storage solutions for wind farms that generate a substantial amount of the power to Southern California. Seeing the custom shipping container go through this transformation was really interesting and we are thrilled to see another interesting use of an ISO shipping container. Thank you San Gorgonio Wind Farms Inc., We look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Author and sales representative for this project, Alex Wilson : Container Alliance

Customer Spotlight: Specialized Bicycles : Product: 40 ft High Cube Containers

Specialized bike manufacture has chosen to use a 40 ft High Cube Shipping container as an innovative way to transport and display their cutting edge bicycles. The use of the container in this way marks a new era for display and transportation while using a recycled shipping container for sale. We appreciate Specialized for choosing Container Alliance for their project.

The Specialized traveling ISO container will be used as a display and fitting center for the new cutting edge, specialized bicycles. The nuts and bolds behind this began with a 40ft High Cube One Trip Container. The container was transported to our facility in Santa Fe Springs to begin transformation from Standard 40 ft High Cube Container used to transport good throughout the world into a unique new existence as a display for excellent products. The container was first prepped to be painted signature candy apple red and white on the interior. Specialized decided to have us create two steel sliding doors that would easily become the entrance and exit. These steel sliding doors are an excellent and economical choice because they contain very little material. We are basically creating a door from the corrugated container siding with the only additional material being the steel frame welded to the cutout section and the rails that create the slider. This steel sliding door is easy to open and close with rollers on the top and the bottom.

After the steel sliding door was installed we painted the containers interior and exterior and delivered to the marketing company who contracted us to finish the interior of the container.

The Containers First Stop is the Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, California.

The 21st Annual Sea Otter Classic is a four-day ”Celebration of Cycling“ that welcomes over 8,000 athletes and 50,000 race fans and other bicycle enthusiasts. Hundreds of pro cyclists, including national and world champions, come to Sea Otter to race, sign autographs, and share their racing techniques with fans. The Sea Otter Classic also hosts the largest consumer bike exposition in North America. The Expo holds hundreds of vendors who display new products and offer samples and bargains.

Specialized is excited for the ease of set up, customization and portability of the display. They were needing 3-4 hours to set up tents in the past. They feel that their custom shipping container display truly sets them apart from the other vendors at the event.

Specialized will use the container at each stop of the up coming Amgen Tour of California.

Author and sales representative for this project, Alex Wilson : Container Alliance


Customer Spotlight: Shubin and Donaldson Architects : Product: 40 ft High Cube Containers

Santa Barbara, California March 2, 2011 Shipping containers and architects seem to have always had a connection but it’s quite outstanding when they are working with you and so close to home! Robin Donaldson reached out to us at Container Alliance to explore the possibilities of containers as a building block for his architectural design. Stubin and Donaldson’s reputation is that of excellence and progression. We were of course very excited when we got the call from Robin and were excited to hear what he had in mind.

Founded in 1990 By Russell Shubin and Robin Donaldson. “As a design based architectural practice which specializes in developing livable environments with a refined sensitivity towards the land.” Shubin and Donaldson Architects are “committed to the relief that the environment and human endeavor are not mutually exclusive and through creative and thoughtful planning can effectively cohabit and perpetually enhance one another sustainable, socially, as well as economically.”

They believe that, “the careful stewardship of the built environment can stimulate the regeneration of natural systems and processes which will in turn step towards restoring and strengthening the fabric of social interaction. In light of current trends toward global population growth and densification. Shubin and Donaldson Architects believe that the bold declaration ‘The more we build, the better it is for the planet’ is an ambitious yet achievable vision if approached strategically and guided by the tenets of reduction conservation, and sustainable use of resources.

At ContainerAlliance we believe that it only makes sense as to the fact that they are looking into the use of shipping containers as creative ways to build, while considering the environment and it’s factors. Not only is it recycling or “up-cycling” as we like to call it but its extremely economical due to the fact that creating the heavy duty building block capable of handing 67,000 pounds of contents with an additional 400,000 pounds stacked on top would cost at least four times as much to re-create.

Using ISO shipping containers and integrating it into building projects creates greener environments. Using Shipping containers alone is even more sound when it comes to the limitation of materials involved. In all reality shipping containers are basic in their very form. Shipping containers while coming standard with cargo doors on one end and standard sizing; 20’ shipping containers 40’ shipping containers that are all 8’ wide and 8’6” tall. There are also 40’ high cube containers and 45’ high cube containers. High cubes are containers that are one foot taller. They come in 8’ wide and 9’6”. Besides the variable sizing, there are really no tricky features, but thats what makes a shipping container so valuable especially in an architects eye. There is potential in a shipping container, they are solid, weatherproof structures with creative profitability. Custom shipping containers have the potential to be created into whatever the creator sees fit for it.

Not all people would find this interesting but in fact his use of a shipping containers for a building idea is right on in terms of the environment and at an economical standpoint. The container as a building material will continue to progress with those who wish to push them. We are excited that such reputable architects have decided to explore the uses of container. It is our understanding that Stubin and Donaldson will be studying the effectiveness of different types of cladding to insulate the exterior, preserve the steel and increase the longevity of the used steel containers. It is up to the creative sight and the drive to turn into whatever the creator wants determined by a creative vision. I think the purpose of a shipping container alone is seductive and fascinating. It’s traveling the world delivering food, materials to the people of this earth making these journeys and then once it’s no longer travel worthy it’s given a whole new purpose all the while being environmentally sound and cost effective. I was excited to hear that Shubin and Donaldson were in the market for containers not only because they are an architectural firm, “but a high tech creative company with a creative studio atmosphere where creative experimentation is encouraged, while maintaining a pragmatic budget!” This rings to be a true perfect purchase for them! Thank you Shubin and Donaldson for supporting this industry and the environment, I can’t wait to see what they do next!

40 high cube container

Alex Wilson, Container Alliance


Customer Spotlight: Screenworks NEP - 40’ Water Tight Container - Painted Beige

Los Angeles, California Tuesday, 21st of December, 2010-- Ever wonder what a shipping container is used for once the shipment and cargo has arrived. Each day thousands of shipping containers arrive in ports all over the world. After a shipping container has been emptied of cargo and is retired into a port, otherwise known as a depot, people and or companies call us to obtain one and use it for the many specific needs of their industry.

Screenworks NEP for instance is the world’s foremost designer and provider of mobile and modular LED video screens for entertainment, corporate, civic and sporting events. They supplied for the 2002 Olympics. They also did the video production for AC/DC concerts as well as Shakira. As Technology progresses so do we. We all see the concerts and sporting events with massive LED screens displaying the action of sports and the entertainment of a concert, well what we don’t see is the equipment that is used to store the expensive and necessary equipment that make all this magic happen...

These screens, lights, scaffolding which are all expensive and highly fragile materials are in fact being safely stored in shipping containers when they are not being used. Shipping containers are a great and economical way to store materials especially of high value, because they are made of Cor-ten steel. They are wind and water tight, ands are lockable and secure. Above all storage containers are a green way of storing materials. When companies such as Screenworks re-uses a shipping container they are essentially giving it a new purpose. This re-purpose It is also supplying jobs down the corporate ladder, it avoids building using wood, saving trees ect which benefits the environment, and it helps the company in keeping it’s contents safe all in an economical way. It’s good to see multimillion dollar companies creating amazing entertainment while being environmentally conscious, and cost effective. Thank you Screenworks keep up the great work!!

Article Written by Alex Wilson of ContainerAlliance

Customer Spotlight: Scavenge- 45' High Cube Container

If you have been to Santa Barbara, You most definitely have walked the infamous State Street. Around Halloween, Scavenge is the hot spot to be. They provide a wide selection of costumes and costume accessories that are always a hit whether its halloween, a costume party or any excuse to dress up! Scavenge is known for fast shipping, the quality of their costumes and most of all the varieties of costumes on hand and online.

Recently they rented two 45’ High Cube Shipping Containers as a perfect way to store excess inventory throughout the year. Scavenge had the room to accommodate the largest ISO shipping container made, These containers are 45‘ Long x 8‘ Wide x 9.6‘ High. This will be enough room for racks and costumes galore. It’s a perfect way to store clothes and costumes in a reasonable and economical way. especially since costume places can become overcrowded, this way they can be stored in a very organized way ensuring smooth sailing in the busy fall.

With an online store that is extremely easy to use and guaranteed prompt shipping, Scavenge has to know where everything is at all times to ensure impeccable service and a clean store! Scavenge has been around since 1998 and is still the most popular costume store in Santa Barbara. With their chosen means of storage, they are bettering the environment and keeping Halloween fun and exciting in Santa Barbara! Thank you Scavenge and we appreciate you finding value in recycled steel shipping containers.

45' shipping container 

Article Written by Alex Wilson of ContainerAlliance

Customer Spotlight: Straight Up Cocktails - 40’ Water Tight Container - Painted Beige

Santa Barbara, California Jan 23rd 2011 Customized - 40’ Storage Container Rental Straight up Cocktail Service is the premier event catering company in Santa Barbara, CA. Straight up focuses on the best in bar service provides portable bars, glassware, everything you need to have functional serviced bar at any location. Straight up cocktail is the elite bar tending service that caters to the Santa Barbara International Film Festival as well as Nights at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. This service caters to many private parties, wedding and the gatherings in the santa barbara area. Straight up Cocktail is known for tailoring products and services to meet each parties individual needs and provides the best staff and service in the business.

Straight Up Cocktails owner contacted us at ContainerAlliance with a simple problem; They had outgrown there space and required auxiliary storage. They also saw a benefit in having goods inside a container because they can easily load from the service trucks that travel to the events into and out of the portable storage container. The additional storage space was needed in order to house all the things that make this business flow from tables to glassware. Frequently working with event coordinators, caterers and industry professionals, being able to store everything safely and securely is a comfort in this business. There is no better way to store these materials then in a ISO shipping container. Not only are they big enough, 8’ wide 8’ 6” tall and 40’ long. but they are made of Cor-ten steel, guaranteed to be wind and water tight, clean, and are lockable, ensuring a secure and dry place to store the necessities that make a business like this function. With the double cargo doors on one end it allows for easy access to and from tables and the bars and even the chairs. when you are jumping from event to event there is no safer and easier way to store these things then to trust a ISO shipping container.

When Brett called to rent one and worked with Geoff on getting the right size etc, started thinking to myself, whether you are a bar tending service, a caterer or an event planner, storage containers are definitely built perfectly for these services and are an economical and environmentally sound way to do so! Thank you Brett and Straight up cock tailing you may be setting the standard for event storage!

Article Written by Alex Wilson of ContainerAlliance