So you just purchased a shipping container. It should be dropped on your scheduled date and it’s all smooth sailing from there, right?. That is not always the case. We want to help you avoid any possible outcomes that might delay your container delivery. We have some helpful tips on how to prepare your site for dropoff and some insight into how our deliveries work.


We ask that you have the area where you would like the container fully prepared before arrival. To make sure that we are fast and efficient with delivery the following should all be confirmed with your sales representative:

1. Clear Road/Pathway- Any possible problems with a route that our trucks take should be reported ahead of delivery with pictures. This also applies to any other possible snags such as trees or protruding structure. Adequate height clearance (16’) and width (12’) is also required but the amount of length is typically the issue that tends to be a problem at delivery/pickup.

2. Truck Positioning- As a general rule of thumb you will need twice the length of the container plus 30 feet in a straight line to deliver the container with a standard tilt bed “roll off” style truck bed or trailer.

3. Container Drop Location- Aside from asphalt and concrete you can always use a Class II road base for your containers drop site. Gravel, for example, will provide you with adequate drainage so keep your container from collecting moisture. You will also want the area where your container is dropped to be level. When the surface is not flat and level the doors tend to have a tough time properly open. Railroad ties or treated wood are always an excellent option.


Containers are typically delivered with a tilt-bed roll off truck. The driver tilts the bed up, and the container touches the ground. The driver then pulls out from under the container. To get out from under the container the driver needs at least the length of the container and the tilt bed truck, in a straight line. We always encourage as pictures and any additional information that would make the trip easier for our drivers.

If you have any other questions or concerns about your delivery please give us a call at (800) 386-2354 or email us at

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