refinery-514010_640Modified storage containers are the perfect solution to the unique and challenging demands of the oil industry.

The continuing oil boom in North Dakota clearly illustrates the myriad challenges the oil industry faces in ensuring success. While the challenges faced by the oil industry in North Dakota may appear to be somewhat extreme, they are not unique and are endemic to the industry.

The issues associated with the oil boom in North Dakota have been well documented, as the explosive growth that the oil industry has brought has also been accompanied by chronic housing shortages, overcrowded and over taxed public services, and security issues. These issues directly speak to the challenges the oil industry faces in creating and supporting functional work sites in remote areas with limited infrastructure.

Shipping containers are the ideal choice to meet these needs because they are durable, portable, secure, and easily customizable.

Durable and Portable

shipping container in oil and gas industryThe oil and gas industry works in some of most extreme environments in the world and North Dakota is no exception. Placing equipment, housing, and office space becomes extra difficult in such environments and the durability and portability of shipping containers are uniquely suited to address these challenges.

Shipping containers are manufactured from corten steel and are guaranteed to be wind and water-tight. They stand up to the rigors of being transported to remote locations and are easily placed on-site with less requirements for set up than more traditional modular options.


Safe and Secure

shipping containers in the oil and gas industryThe oil industry’s move into North Dakota has been marked by huge investment into expanding oil and natural gas production. As with any large-scale construction or large-scale industrial project, this investment has been accompanied by a huge amount of equipment, machinery, and construction tools.

All of these equipment and tools require storage, especially given the harsh physical environment of North Dakota. The presence of such large amounts of equipment and machinery raises the question of security of these tools. A shipping container is the perfect solution for ensuring the security of valuable goods. Made of corten steel and with limited and secure access points, modified storage containers are inherently secure and can be easily modified with security accessories to be made even more secure.



shipping containers in oil and industryAnother major issue for the oil industry in North Dakota has been that there are not enough buildings available to meet demand. The lack of available buildings are a consequence of the oil and gas industry’s tendency to work in remote locations with small populations.

Shipping containers can be easily modified to meet the demand for more buildings and serve a variety of different applications, like portable office containers. The demand for new buildings in the oil industry encompasses every aspect of life; ranging from housing to offices to school buildings to laundry and bathroom facilities. Shipping containers are best suited to meet these needs because they can be modified off-site and quickly placed on-site. Using shipping containers allows clients to avoid many of the problems and costs associated with doing construction in remote and difficult locations.


The challenges faced in North Dakota are truly universal in the oil industry, our partner companies in Texas and Missouri have also worked with the oil industry to address many of the same challenges. See their solutions here and here.

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