When shipping or storing any items that require a controlled temperature, a refrigerated or insulated shipping container is essential to ensure the products maintain their condition. Each option has specific advantages depending on the intended use. Container Alliance is able to facilitate any need for refrigerated containers and insulated storage containers for sale, available both new and used with various refrigerated machinery options.

Refrigerated Containers


Set Your Temperature – Often called “reefers”, refrigerated containers are ideal for shipping or storing perishable goods such as meat, seafood, vegetables, fruits and flowers. Our refrigerated containers can maintain a designated temperature ranging between -20 degrees Fahrenheit and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. With the ability to set an exact temperature, you can protect the contents of a storage container with precision and consistency. 

Electric and Durable – Refrigerated containers are insulated plus possess an all electric cooling system that is dual capable and operates using either 208V/230V 3-Phase or 460V 3-Phase power. Electric powered, these containers serve as an excellent alternative to diesel powered units. These containers also come standard with lockable double doors on one end and durable t-rail flooring. 

Ready to Use Anywhere – Provided in top condition, our refrigerated containers come ready to store your cold items. Dependable and durable, these units are designed for outdoor use, but can be easily placed inside a warehouse for indoor cold storage. For this reason, worksites, festivals, and businesses with seasonal storage demands regularly utilize refrigerated shipping containers.

Refrigerated Container Options:

Refrigerated-shipping-container-1 Refrigertaed-shipping-container-2

See all shipping container sizes and shipping container dimensions that we offer.

Insulated Containers


Insulated shipping containers are used refrigerated containers that remain airtight but the refrigeration unit is no longer functional. These units are Wind and Water Tight Containers with added insulation to regulate internal temperature of the container. Generally, we insulate these units with R-13 value fiberglass surrounded by wood studs, then finish with plywood and drywall or particle ply. 

Comfortable and Livable – Similar to the insulation found in well-built homes, our process creates a comfortable interior for long periods of time. This unit is livable and less susceptible to sharp temperature changes that will inevitably occur if the container remains outside. Shipping container homes are now possible with insulation. 

Perfect for Work – With large insulated interiors, these shipping containers are often used as mobile offices. They’re the right size to hold several desks plus they are structurally sound and easily movable to a new location if necessary.

Maintain Quality – Due to added functionality, an insulated container provides a significant advantage over standard dry units. In addition to airtight corten steel construction, the interior climate controlled function of insulated containers safely protects contents such as furniture, electronics, paper goods, and chemicals from mold and condensation.

How much is a shipping container? Insulated containers will be priced higher than simple dry containers, but the added insulation maximizes the functionality. Whether you are looking for a shipping container rental or storage containers for sale, we will find the right container at prices you won’t find anywhere else.

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