The age-old question – New or used? Let’s look at the advantages of one trip containers and refurbished containers. Depending on your needs, either could be the right choice

One Trip Containers

One Trip Container For Sale
Most consider one trip containers to be “new” because they are in “like new” condition. They are manufactured abroad mainly in Asia, loaded with cargo only once and shipped to a port in North America, where they are unloaded and sold. If you’re looking for a unit in the best possible condition, a one trip container is an excellent option. 

Advantages of New One Trip Containers:

Top Condition – These containers have not spent time deteriorating on the ocean or stored in container depots. Plus, one trip containers have not been handled much so they typically have minimal dents, dings, and surface rust unlike refurbished containers.

Factory Paint – One trip containers still possess strong long lasting factory paint. Refurbished containers are typically sprayed outdoors with water based paint which doesn’t last as long as factory paint. Also, refurbished containers may have underlying rust issues as they are often deteriorated steel containers with the rust simply painted over. If the rust is ground off and the container is primered where the steel is exposed, you will not experience issues with a refurbished container. However, selecting a new container will remove the guesswork completely.

No shipping label: Avoid the chance of receiving a container painted bright colors with a shipping label company advertisement. One solid color, new containers do not need to be repainted. We offer many one trip container color options, plus we can always paint your container any custom color.

Lockbox: Security can be crucial, and one trip containers come standard with a security lockbox where the doors meet. This box cannot be broken by bolt cutters or any other tool, and will keep stored belongings safe and secure.

No surprises, no let downs: Because one trip containers are practically new, you know what you’re getting when the unit arrives at your location. Over the years, we have replaced thousands of used shipping containers sold into the North American market yet we rarely see circumstances where one trip container needs to be replaced. If you need a permanent solution, we strongly recommend a one trip container that will outlast all of us. 

Refurbished Containers

Refurbished Container For Sale

Container Alliance takes Wind and Water Tight containers and fully refurbishes them. All surface rust and scratches are wire brushed off the used container, exposing bare steel. After all dents are pounded out, we then primer the container for a fresh coat of paint. The end result is a refurbished shipping container that looks a lot better and lasts much longer. If you are okay with a fixed up container built to last with a couple minor cosmetic blemishes, then a refurbished shipping container is a fantastic option.

Advantages of Refurbished Containers:

Better Than Used – Though these containers are not new, these refurbished units are still in far better condition than wind and water tight containers. The surface rust has been grounded off and removed, exposing raw steel. All rough spots are removed along with any old shipping company decals, and the container is treated with rust prohibitive primer and paint. Then, the unit goes through one last inspection process, in which the cargo doors are tested and ensured to be functioning properly. Container Alliance signature refurbished units are not just repainted.

Guaranteed to Last – Once refurbished, these units are still guaranteed to last. Scratches and other imperfections on the container are removed as well. The result is a more aesthetically pleasing container than used units labeled by the shipping line, and a fully refurbished unit that will last much longer than an untreated shipping container.

Both one trip and refurbished containers are strong options when deciding on purchasing a shipping container or renting a shipping container with Container Alliance. Once you know which condition suits your needs, see all shipping container sizes and shipping container dimensions we offer.

Also, make sure to read a few tips on how to maintain a shipping container after purchase.

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