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This bright and innovative gym/sports hall was created out of shipping containers. This eye-catching structure is used as a four court sports hall, viewing gallery, changing rooms, and an office. This stacked shipping container building radiates and inspires fun with its bright colors, zigzag cutouts, and abundance of natural light.


Photo: Inhabitat

This unique mobile library was conceived to help support local Dutch schools that lack funds or space for a library. The lower level of this shipping container building is a small library that packs 100 meters of book shelves and above is a reading room. There are also four computer terminals. The innovative structure almost feels like a fun house with its transparent floor that magnifies and makes kids look huge.


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Samsung has begun an effort to provide children with access to modern technology. Electricity is received via photovoltaic panels installed on the roof. This solar powered mobile lab can generate nine hours of electricity a day. The shipping container school classroom that hold 21 students is equipped with a 50 inch electronic board, internet-enabled powered notebooks, galaxy tablet computers as well as wi-fi cameras.


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Overcrowding in schools has become a trend lately and schools are constantly struggling with space shortages. Due to budget cuts or tight budgets, there is little that these school can do. Slovenian architect Jure Kotnik understood the importance of a comfortable learning environment that sparks imagination in young children. Kotnik came up with a temporary fix to remedy the overcrowding at a local kindergarten. He transformed shipping containers into a kid-friendly temporary container classroom.


Photo: Inhabitat

REALM Charter School in Berkeley, California had its students design new classrooms using 40ft used shipping containers and named it Project H. The teacher leaders gave the students control to plan their classroom, source materials, and also build the container classroom themselves. This gave students practical experience in planning and construction. Students got to use angle grinders, blow torches, welders, and many other tools. Through the program, students gained valuable experience thinking critically and creatively with a group. These kids got the hands-on experience to help them succeed later in life.

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