Due to the shipping container’s portability and security, a popular application for the ISO container is turning it into a mobile office. Office storage containers are perfect office solutions for construction job sites, properties under remodel, boatyards, mining sites, and more. 

With a portable office container from Container Alliance, you get the durability of a sea-transport-ready shipping container along with everything you need in a small office. From doors to windows and everything in between, our container modifications can transform your container to best serve you. When you work with Container Alliance, converted shipping containers can be customized to suit your specific requirements.

Thousands of people have chosen converted shipping containers as the solution for their office needs. But why work out of a container instead of building a permanent structure or converting a pre-existing room into an office? There are a handful of benefits that come along with using converted shipping containers as base structures.

40ft Office/ Storage Combo

They’re Functional

All of Container Alliance’s office containers consist of insulation, electricity, windows, and personnel doors. These features separate them from the shipping container’s simple default form with two cargo doors, allowing for more convenient accessibility and replicated comfort of being inside a normal room. In addition, we offer 40 foot containers that can be modified as both office and storage space in the same container, providing the beneficial aspects of both office and storage containers.

They’re Cost-Effective

Shipping container offices allow you to avoid the expensive strings attached to using traditional building methods such as foundation, walls, etc. After purchasing the container you can expect a high standard of quality for the next ten years or so, allowing it to pay for itself in the long run. For the customer with short-term needs, these units are also available for rent, allowing you to choose the length of your lease. We’ll arrange delivery and pick-up.

They’re Compact

Our 20 foot containers take up the space of just one standard parking spot, giving you the amenities of a traditional office but in a smaller size. However, even 20ft converted shipping containers are spacious enough to be comfortable—after all, people build custom container buildings and live inside of them! We also offer 40ft office storage containers to accommodate the customers needing additional space for work. With an office unit, everything is safe and contained.

40ft Office Container / Storage Combo

They’re Movable

We can equip the unit with electricity, heating/AC ability, windows, and a personnel door—providing the comforts and requirements of standard offices, but in portable form. Just load it onto a suitable truck and your converted shipping container can move anywhere. Unfortunately, Container Alliance’s trucks are only able to hold empty containers, but it’s easy to find trucking companies that can help you out with relocating your portable office containers.

They’re Reliable

All of our shipping containers come from overseas in Asia, proving their strong dependability against crazy weather conditions and security against the strong natural elements that could potentially wreak havoc on the content of the container. Our units are all guaranteed to be wind and water tight. Additionally, the insulation provided with all of our office units gives them a one-up over our regular shipping containers in terms of interior quality.

They’re Versatile

Container Alliance’s converted shipping containers are the ideal solutions for essentially anyone needing a portable office, or someone looking for a sturdy way to conduct important indoor work while on site. Some examples of the situations benefiting most are below:

  • Construction offices
  • Home or Business Workshops
  • Sales Offices
  • Laboratories
  • Kitchens
  • Business Kiosks
  • School Yards
  • Emergency Housing
  • Computer Data Centers
  • Garages

20' Office mod before20' Office modification
20′ Office Container Before & After Insulation

Container Alliance is a nationwide network of shipping container and portable storage providers. To find out more information by personally speaking to one of our sales representatives, call 800-386-2345 today—or get a quote now.

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