SHIPPING CONTAINERS: Instant Jails and Prisons
Overcrowded jails and prisons are a growing issue in the US and also globally. This demand can now be filled instantly with modular jail and prison cells made from recycled ISBU shipping containers. (READ MORE)

Tiny Rhode Island may now have the largest shipping container based structure in North America. So what happened to the other much hyped projects? (READ MORE)

Designed and built by Container City (a division of Urban Sapce Holdings ) in colaboration with SCABAL Architects and Furness Engineering, the sports hall uses recycled shipping containers to create 8,208m3 of space that is used as a four court sports hall, viewing gallery, changing rooms and and office over two floors. (READ MORE)

Power and cooling vendor APC by Schneider Electric today announced an expanded relationship with IBM to offer Big Blue’s Portable Modular Data Center (PMDC) container based on APC’s InfraStruxure architecture. The PMDC provides a data center in a shipping container with a complete physical infrastructure including power and cooling systems and remote monitoring. (READ MORE)

A Brookside neighborhood is about to become home to the area's first container house.
The house at 60th and Charlotte streets is made of used, stainless steel cargo containers. The 40'x8' containers are similar to the ones you'd see on trains and tractor-trailers, except the ones for the house are taller. (READ MORE)

Tempohousing invents, designs and builds modular housing solutions world wide. We offer tailor-made solutions for your housing needs based on our own unique system.'Tempo' means s speed and the housing solutions we offer can be used in many different sectors: student housing, city apartments, luxury hotels, basic staff accommodation or ski resort chalets, just to mention a few. (READ MORE)

Travelodge Cuts Ribbon on London Hotel Made from Shipping Containers (2008-8-25)LONDON, UK -- Travelodge has opened a 120-room hotel that was built with modified shipping containers in the first hotel construction project of its kind in Europe.
The hotel in Uxbridge, London, which opened on August 15, was crafted from 86 steel containers in a modular construction project developed by Verbus Systems.
According to Travelodge, the containers were modified and fitted with hotel room fixtures and fittings in Shenzen, China, shipped to England, trucked to the site and then fitted together in a framework to form the building. It took only 20 days to place the containers in the framework. (READ MORE)

Microsoft's $500M Iowa data center to use shipping containers (2008-8-20)
August 21, 2008 (Computerworld) Microsoft Corp. said Thursday it will build its latest data center on a 42-acre site in a suburb of Iowa's capital of Des Moines, apparently spurred on by tax breaks and the lower costs of energy and doing business overall in the Midwestern state. Rumored for months, the West Des Moines data center was officially announced today by Microsoft and state officials, and will employ 50 to 75 workers who will earn about $70,000 per year, the Des Moines Register newspaper reported. The data center, like others in Microsoft's fast-growing collection, will host online consumer services such as Hotmail, Live Search and other Windows Live apps. (READ MORE)

In many respects, this has been the best of times for U.S. exporters. Merchandise exports in the first six months of the year were up a stunning 20 percent compared with the same period in 2007, rising from $550 billion to $662 billion, according to Census Bureau figures. (READ MORE)

NPSA Member Donates Portable Storage Unit to Local SWAT Team
Portable Container Services has supplied a local police department in Florham, N.J. with a containerized storage unit to show its appreciation for service to the community. (2008-06-09) (READ MORE)

NPSA's Latest U Tube Video Offers Container Safety Tips
The National Portable Storage Association offers tips for business owners who want to disguise their on-site containers and help keep their communities safe and secure. (2007-10-19) (READ MORE)

UC Santa Barbara Institute for Research (UCIR) Opens "Container Class"
Responding to the need for alternative affordable housing in Isla Vista, students in UCSB’s Art Department were involved in a year-long exploration of the possibilities for new types of housing in their community. They worked with campus architects, county planners, land-use consultants and internationally recognized architects who specialize in alternative design to think through this problem. The Open Container class gave the students an opportunity to work to transform a shipping container into an affordable dwelling unit. (READ MORE)

Shipping Containers find "new life" as Homes (inexpensive and abundant, they’re turning into affordable housing.)
ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - This takes a little inside- and a whole lot of outside-the-box thinking. What looks like and lives like a house is actually a shipping container. (READ MORE)

Portable Storage Addresses Classroom Overcrowding
School may be out for summer, but a new semester will begin in just weeks – and school overcrowding is still making headlines. In fact, overcrowded schools continue to be a major national problem, according to a study by the Neighborhood Capital Budget Group, despite a public sector effort to build more facilities. "Studies show unpleasant consequences from overcrowded schools, including a negative impact on student learning," said John Finnessy, CMP, Executive Director the National Portable Storage Association, or NPSA, a nonprofit membership association dedicated to the advancement of the portable storage industry. "Portable storage can offer solutions that help students realize a better tomorrow." Indeed, portable storage containers can be transformed into temporary classroom facilities complete with carpeting and air conditioning. With ramps, steps, safety rails, furniture and fixtures, the portable storage unit serves as a foundation for solving the overcrowded school problem. (READ MORE)

Transformers: Portable Storage in Disguise
The Transformers movie is based on Hasbro's Transformers Action Figures. As its name suggests, Transformers are robots that have the ability to transform themselves from one object to another. In the Michael Bay film, for example, a yellow Camero transforms itself into a guardian robot to protect Sam, the story's teenaged protagonist. Another Transformer morphs from a cell phone to a Decepticon, an evil robot clan with hopes of taking over the world. Transformers, in essence, can transform into electronics, vehicles, animals and other objects. (READ MORE)