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Caru West Gulf Containers

With over 35 years of experience in the {{area_name}}, {{state_abbrv}} area Caru West Gulf offers great options for both residential, small business and industrial storage needs. Caru West Gulf offers containers ranging in length from 10ft to 45ft in both Like-New or One-Trip Condition to used Cargo-Worthy or Wind and Water-Tight conditions. One Trip Containers are built specifically for West Gulf Container and have only been loaded and unloaded with cargo once to give you a ‘like-new’ option for the {{area_name}} area or ask your sales rep about which used option that would be best for you. CARU West Gulf also offers DNV certified offshore containers direct to you in {{area_name}}.

CARU West Gulf has inventory available throughout the great state of {{state_name}}. Give us a call today at {{phone}} to see what makes CARU Westgulf the best in container sales.

CARU West Gulf Containers was established in the year 2000, when three separate companies in the Rotterdam area decided to join forces: CATU Rotterdam (founded in 1992), Trade Craft (1984), and Lease Craft (1991). These three companies later partnered in North America to bring international supply to the {{area_name}} area.

These companies were all specialists in the sales and leasing of shipping and storage containers. Under their new name CARU West Gulf these enterprises, also as a result of mergers and opening own offices in Belgium, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden, the United States and Singapore, have developed into a multinational operating in the trading and leasing of shipping containers.

Throughout the years CARU has evolved into one of the largest traders of new and used shipping containers in the world. This gives us the ability to bring to you the best value and service to {{area_name}}.

Also, due to the increase of our leasing fleet CARU Containers belongs to world’s 15 largest container leasing companies. For already a number of years, CARU has a separate department which is specialized in DNV certified offshore containers.

We specialize in Storage Container Units that carry great features such as High Security Lock Box to protect your goods, New Nice Beige Boxes, Ground Level Offices for Rental for all your project needs. We are dedicated to taking care of our customers and ensure the best service possible. Feel free to reach out to us anytime to help with your storage or office needs.

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Container Sales


Caru WestGulf offers a large selection of high quality new and used containers for sale in {{area_name}}.  We select the best quality for the price in used shipping container.  Regardless of market conditions Caru Westgulf will supply you the best used containers for the price to be delivered to {{city_name}}.  We also offer new "one trip" containers for sale in {{city_name}} brought to you direct from factories in various sizes and door configurations.  We had extensive industry experience throughout {{state_name}} and services include workrooms, DNV offshore containers and oilfield service containers. 


We have shipping containers for sale that range in size from 20ft to 45ft in length in many different condition categories from Wind and Water Tight to New One Trip Containers.  We also provide containers for export or project cargo. 


We are here to help you make a purchase decision and stock containers from 10ft in length to 45ft in length in various door configurations.  See product catalog below and call us direct if you have any questions at  512-975-2737



Container Rentals


Caru West Gulf is your source for storage and shipping container rentals in {{area_name}}. Leasing or Renting a Container is a great option for temporary or long-term affordable storage solutions in {{area_name}}, {{state_abbrv}}. We offer various sizes, accessories and door options. The two door options include cargo doors or a roll-up door Container usages include storing and locking up inventory, clearing up space, storing tools, machinery, and other supplies, and securely storing keepsakes and furniture.  We have rental containers from 10ft to 45ft in length with different door configurations to suite your needs.  These rental containers can also be used for mobile offices, storage/office combos, and classrooms. The sky is the limit for the usage of these containers. Container Alliance is your local source for storage container rentals and leasing with dependable and affordable products and the service that can only be brought to you.  


Call us today {{phone}} for detailed quote including delivery charges to {{area_name}},{{state_name}}.  We have sales representatives standing to help you select the correct container for your needs  281-688-4469.

Refrigerated Containers


Container Alliance offers refrigerated container sales in {{area_name}} as well as refrigerated container rentals in {{area_name}}.  Refrigerated sale units come used inspected, pre-tripped for delivery to you in {{area_name}}.  We also offer new "one trip" refrigerated containers as well.  Refrigerated Container run on all electric three phase power and are capable of maintaining temperatures from 75 to negative 20 degrees Fahrenheit.  


Refrigerated containers are electric, making them environmentally friendly.  They require either 230V 3-phase power (May require DVT converter for additional charge on sale containers) or 460V 3-phase power (native power requirement for 3 phase refrigeration units). They can maintain temperatures below 0 deg F and up to 75 deg F (depending on product and usage).  They come standard with lockable double doors on one end, as well durable t-rail flooring (rated for pallet jack and forklift traffic).


Give us a call today to discuss refrigerated container options {{phone}}.

Portable Offices


Caru West Gulf offers portable office container sales and leasing.  Container offices are strong, sturdy and mobile.  We can deliver a fresh office to your location in {{area_name}}.  Portable office containers are available in 20' or 40' sizes.  Typical container offices come with insulation, HVAC, electrical, lighting, windows and security features.  If you are looking for a custom office solution from individual or multiple units to be modified and joined together Caru West Gulf can help provide these containers for your custom use.  


Give us a call today to discuss portable office containers suitable for delivery to your location in {{area_name}}.  {{phone}}

Container Modifications


Caru West Gulf has extensive experience in basic modifications, as well as high-end special projects, and can cater to essentially any need that might come up with regards to custom cargo containers.  We can provide modifications including custom doors, windows, electrical, insulation, electrical packages, ventilation as well as windows and skylights.  

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