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Container Alliance is the leader in shipping containers sales, rentals, and leasing. Our knowledgeable staff is committed to guiding you to the right solution to your container needs. We have been serving {{ area_name }} {{state_name}} for the last 12 years. Please take a look at our web catalog giving you access to online pricing delivered to your location.

Services include container sales in {{ area_name }} {{state_abbrv}}, Container rentals {{ area_name }} Refrigerated container rentals {{ area_name }} {{state_abbrv}} and sales as well as container modifications in {{ area_name }} {{state_abbrv}}. Container Alliance is your #1 source for new containers, used shipping containers for overseas shipping or storage solutions. We also have an exclusive network of portable storage companies who service local markets throughout the united states. If you have a project in another market, reach out to us and we will help find you the best container provider for your location. Container Alliance is hear to help you needs. Give us a call today to discuss with a container expert 805-335-6755.

Container Sales

Container Alliance offers a large selection of high quality new and used containers for sale.  We select the best quality for the price in used shipping container with access to supply from largest shipping lines and leasing companies world wide. Regardless of market conditions Container Alliance will supply you the best used containers for the price.  We also offer new "one trip" containers brought to you direct from factories in various sizes and door configurations.  We also offer refrigerated and insulated containers for sale. 

 We are here to help you make a purchase decision and stock containers from 10ft in length to 45ft in length in various door configurations.  See product catalog below and call us direct if you have any questions.  



Container Rentals

Container Alliance is your source for storage and shipping container rentals.  Leasing or Renting a Container is a great option for temporary or long-term affordable storage solutions. We offer various sizes, accessories and door options. The two door options include cargo doors or a roll-up door Container usages include storing and locking up inventory, clearing up space, storing tools, machinery, and other supplies, and securely storing keepsakes and furniture.  We have rental containers from 10ft to 45ft in length with different door configurations to suite your needs.  These rental containers can also be used for mobile offices, storage/office combos, and classrooms. The sky is the limit for the usage of these containers. Container Alliance is your local source for storage container rentals and leasing with dependable and affordable products and the service that can only be brought to you.  

 Call us today and see why we are the fastest growing portable storage and container supply company.  We have sales representatives standing to help you select the correct container for your needs.

Refrigerated Containers

Container Alliance offers refrigerated container sales as well as refrigerated container rentals.  Refrigerated sale units come used inspected, pre-tripped for delivery to you.  We also offer new "one trip" refrigerated containers as well.  Refrigerated Container run on all electric three phase power and are capable of maintaining temperatures from 75 to negative 20 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Refrigerated containers are electric, making them environmentally friendly.  They require either 230V 3-phase power (May require DVT converter for additional charge on sale containers) or 460V 3-phase power (native power requirement for 3 phase refrigeration units). They can maintain temperatures below 0 deg F and up to 75 deg F (depending on product and usage).  They come standard with lockable double doors on one end, as well durable t-rail flooring (rated for pallet jack and forklift traffic).


Give us a call today to discuss refrigerated container options.

Portable Offices


Container Alliance offers portable office container sales and leasing.  Container offices are strong, sturdy and mobile.  We can deliver a fresh office to your location in {{area_name}}.  Portable office containers are available in 20' or 40' sizes.  Typical container offices come with insulation, HVAC, electrical, lighting, windows and security features.  If you are looking for a custom office solution from an individual uit or multiple units to be modified and joined together Container Alliance can help provide these containers for your custom use.  

Give us a call today to discuss portable office containers suitable for delivery to your location in {{area_name}}.  {{phone}}

Container Modifications

Container Alliance offers shipping container modifications of all types.  If you are looking for a simple modification such as custom paint or ventilation we can help.  We also offer extensive custom container modifications of all types.  No matter how big or small the project is.. Container Alliance is here to help customize your shipping container today.  

Give us a call anytime and a sales rep will help you with your custom container needs.