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Container Technology

Container Technology, Inc., specializes in providing the best in shipping container sales, storage container sales, refrigerated container sales, portable offices, and container modifications. Since 1988, CTI has been working with both businesses and individuals in the {{area_name}}, {{state_abbrv}} area.

If you are in {{area_name}}, {{state_name}} and need on-site storage, Container Technology offers quality new and used storage containers and shipping containers. Containers come in many sizes and configurations. The following sizes are available – 10ft shipping containers {{area_name}}, 20ft shipping containers {{area_name}}, 40ft shipping containers {{area_name}}, 45ft shipping containers {{area_name}}, and 53ft shipping containers {{area_name}}.

Used containers come directly out of international and intermodal shipping service. CTI offers storage containers that are wind & watertight and cargo worthy. Cargo worthy shipping containers are certified for shipping. If you just need on-site storage in {{area_name}}, a wind & watertight container will do the trick.

New shipping containers are also referred to as “one trip” containers. A new or “one trip” container comes directly from the manufacturer. They are loaded with cargo and are shipped from the factory to the US (hence the name “one trip”). They are only shipped once and not used in shipping service (like a used shipping container).

If you are business in need of cold storage in {{area_name}}, {{state_abbrv}} , CTI can provide you with a refrigerated container as well. Refrigerated containers are available in two sizes – 20ft refrigerated containers {{area_name}} and 40ft refrigerated containers {{area_name}}. Container Technology offers refrigerated containers for sale and refrigerated containers for rent. They are electric and can maintain temperatures below 0 deg F up to 75 deg F (depending on your product/usage).

Portable offices and container modifications are also an option with Container Technology. We provide 20ft portable offices {{area_name}}, 40ft portable offices {{area_name}}, and a multitude of container modifications {{area_name}}. Portable offices can be configured to meet your workspace or jobsite needs. Container modifications can be something as simple as a roll up door, windows, rooftop turbine vent or a fresh coat of paint. CTI can also customize a container to be utilized as a storm shelter, workshop, laboratory, and many more.

Container Sales


Since 1988, Container Technology, Inc., has been an industry leader in providing shipping containers for on-site storage to both individuals and businesses in {{area_name}}, {{state_name}}.  Shipping containers are also referred to as storage containers, conex boxes, cargo containers and intermodal containers to name a few. Container Technology, Inc., offers shipping containers for storage in many sizes and configurations.  They are available in sizes from 10ft up to 53ft in length.  Container Technology can provide these for you in {{area_nsame}}.


Shipping containers are available in both new and used conditions.  Used containers were utilized for international shipping service. CTI purchases them directly from the leasing companies and steamship lines to be delivered directly to you in {{area_name}}.  We then provide them to individuals and businesses for on-site storage. New shipping containers or “one-trip” containers come directly from the manufacturer.  They are referred to as “one-trip” containers, as they are not utilized for international shipping service. They are loaded once with cargo, shipped to the states and then sold to folks like you for storage.


CTI has inventory available throughout the Southeast.  Give us a call today to see what makes Container Technology the best in container sales {{area_name}} 770-637-1771.

Container Rentals


Since 1988, Container Technology, Inc., has been providing safe and secure on-site storage solutions to individuals and businesses in {{area_name}}, {{state_abbrv}}.  The team at CTI strives to provide both the best in customer service and storage container rentals in {{area_name}}. 


We offer affordable shipping container rentals for many applications throughout {{area_name}}, {{state_abbrv}}.  They can range from storing additional inventory, machinery, sporting equipment, tools, restaurant equipment, household items, building materials and many more. 


CTI currently rents containers in the {{area_name}} metro area to restaurants, hotels, hospitals, churches, electrical contractors, construction companies, builders (both residential and commercial), retail outlets, as well as individuals for residential storage. 


The options are endless! 


Container Technology offers containers ranging in size from 10ft to 53ft in length.  If you have limited space on-site, you may consider a smaller container, like a 10ft storage container or a 20ft storage container.  These sizes are ideal for residential customers as well. For customers in {{area_name}} needing more space, any of the sizes ranging from 40ft containers up to our 53ft containers are great options.


Our shipping containers and storage containers are constructed of 14-gauge corrugated steel panels.  They come standard with marine plywood floors, an “easy open” door handle, and cargo doors with a high security lock box.  They are secure and watertight. Delivered directly to you!


If you require on-site storage in {{area_name}} call us today at 770-637-1711.  CTI can help you find the rental container that best fits your storage needs.

Refrigerated Containers


Since 1988, Container Technology, Inc., has been providing on-site cold storage solutions for businesses in {{area_name}}, {{state_abbrv}}.  Whether you are looking to rent or purchase in {{area_name}}, {{state_abbrv}}, CTI offers both 20ft refrigerated containers and 40ft refrigerated containers. 


Refrigerated containers are available new and used.  The new refrigerated containers come directly from the manufacturer.  They are not utilized for international shipping service and typically come with a warranty (from the manufacturer) on the cooling system.  Container Technology can also provide {{area_name}}, {{state_abbrv}} businesses with used refrigerated containers as well. They come directly out of shipping service, are inspected and sold in working condition.


If you have a business in {{area_name}} and require temperature-controlled storage or cold storage, CTI has the answer.  Our customers utilize refrigerated containers for many applications, ranging from seafood and produce to adhesives and polymers.  We also provide units for pharmaceuticals, beer, wine, geotechnical projects, field research, as well as many more applications.


Refrigerated containers are electric, making them environmentally friendly.  They require either 230V 3-phase power or 460V 3-phase power. They can maintain temperatures below 0 deg F and up to 75 deg F (depending on product and usage).  They come standard with lockable double doors on one end, as well durable t-rail flooring (rated for pallet jack and forklift traffic).


If you need additional cold storage in {{area_name}}, {{state_abbrv}} give us a call today at 770-634-1771.  Our units are portable and will be delivered directly to your location in {{area_name}}.  The team at Container Technology can help you find the right cold storage solution for your business.


Portable Offices


Since 1988, Container Technology, Inc., has been customizing shipping containers for mobile and portable office solutions for businesses in {{area_name}}, {{state_abbrv}}. We offer both 20ft portable offices and 40ft portable offices. They are available for purchase and can be customized to your specifications in {{area_name}}.


The 20ft portable offices are ideal if you have limited space at your jobsite. They will fit into a standard parking space and are very easily maneuvered into position on-site.  Utilizing a small wrecker-style or roll back truck, they can be transported from jobsite to jobsite in the {{area_name}}, {{state_abbrv}} area.


If your project in {{area_name}} requires a larger workspace, the 40ft portable offices can be customized to create multiple workstations.  They can also be converted into an office/storage combo. This allows you to utilize a portion of the 40ft storage container as a portable office and the remainder for general storage.


Whether you need a 20ft portable office or a 40ft portable office, the team at CTI is well equipped to meet your jobsite office or storage requirements in {{area_name}}.  We can outfit your portable office with lights, outlets, additional entry doors, windows and an insulated temperature-controlled interior. 


If you are in {{area_name}} and need a portable office delivered to your site, let Container Technology help you get the job done! Give us a call today at 770-634-1771.

Container Modifications


Container Technology, Inc., has over 30 years of experience with container conversions and custom container modifications that can be delivered to {{area_name}}.  CTI can customize a shipping container to meet the unique specifications for both individuals and businesses in {{area_name}}.


Cargo containers can be converted for many different applications.  They range from storm shelters and mini storage units, to e-houses and portable offices.  These examples are just a few of the many types of modified containers we’ve built over the years. 


CTI primarily focuses on single container conversions.  Our fabrication team is eager to take on any custom project.  If you are in {{area_name}} and are looking to modify a storage container, no job is too big or too small for our team!


If you’re located in {{area_name}}, {{state_name}} give us a call today at 770-634-1771.  Our knowledgeable container specialists are ready to discuss which container modifications are right for you.