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Since 1988, Container Technology, Inc., has been providing on-site cold storage solutions for businesses in Malvern, AL.  Whether you are looking to rent or purchase in Malvern, AL, CTI offers both 20ft refrigerated containers and 40ft refrigerated containers. 
Refrigerated containers are available new and used.  The new refrigerated containers come directly from the manufacturer.  They are not utilized for international shipping service and typically come with a warranty (from the manufacturer) on the cooling system.  Container Technology can also provide Malvern, AL businesses with used refrigerated containers as well. They come directly out of shipping service, are inspected and sold in working condition.
If you have a business in Malvern and require temperature-controlled storage or cold storage, CTI has the answer.  Our customers utilize refrigerated containers for many applications, ranging from seafood and produce to adhesives and polymers.  We also provide units for pharmaceuticals, beer, wine, geotechnical projects, field research, as well as many more applications.
Refrigerated containers are electric, making them environmentally friendly.  They require either 230V 3-phase power or 460V 3-phase power. They can maintain temperatures below 0 deg F and up to 75 deg F (depending on product and usage).  They come standard with lockable double doors on one end, as well durable t-rail flooring (rated for pallet jack and forklift traffic).
If you need additional cold storage in Malvern, AL give us a call today at 
770-637-1771.  Our units are portable and will be delivered directly to your location in Malvern.  The team at Container Technology can help you find the right cold storage solution for your business.
Container Technology

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