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Are you a resident of Chandler, Arizona, looking to purchase a shipping container? Look no more. Pro Box offers the best shipping containers in Chandler for all your needs. You have containers of different varieties bringing from one trip containers to shipping containers available “as-is.” We also have them in various sizes, from small shipping containers measuring 10 feet to extra-large shipping containers with a length of 45 feet.

We also offer container rentals in Chandler. If you need a container for temporary use like a seasonal event or portable space, you will find whatever you need at Pro Box. Like the containers for sale, our container rentals come in different sizes and lease terms, so we can serve any client regardless of your needs.

For those looking for refrigerated containers, we have you covered. Our refrigerated containers can be relied upon to remain efficient in situations where temperature control is critical. All our refrigerated containers focus on eco-friendliness and can sustain temperatures from -20 degrees to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. They are insulated to make them water and wind tight.

Do you need shipping container modifications in Chandler, Arizona? Pro Box is your go-to guy? We have an extensive fabrication team that is highly skilled in modifications of any type. All you need to do is fill out an online form to get an instant quote and start the fabrication project.

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