Chandler, Arizona

Are you a resident of Chandler, Arizona, looking to purchase a shipping container? Look no more. Pro Box offers the best shipping containers in Chandler for all your needs. You have containers of different varieties bringing from one trip containers to shipping containers available “as-is.” We also have them in various sizes, from small shipping containers measuring 10 feet to extra-large shipping containers with a length of 45 feet.

We also offer container rentals in Chandler. If you need a container for temporary use like a seasonal event or portable space, you will find whatever you need at Pro Box. Like the containers for sale, our container rentals come in different sizes and lease terms, so we can serve any client regardless of your needs.

For those looking for refrigerated containers, we have you covered. Our refrigerated containers can be relied upon to remain efficient in situations where temperature control is critical. All our refrigerated containers focus on eco-friendliness and can sustain temperatures from -20 degrees to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. They are insulated to make them water and wind tight.

Do you need shipping container modifications in Chandler, Arizona? Pro Box is your go-to guy? We have an extensive fabrication team that is highly skilled in modifications of any type. All you need to do is fill out an online form to get an instant quote and start the fabrication project.

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ProBox Container Rentals - Chandler, AZ

There are lots of reasons why you may have to rent a shipping container in Chandler, Arizona. Maybe you need one for temporary storage or a portable office. Regardless of what you intend to do with the shipping container, Pro Box can take care of your needs. Our rental shipping containers are available in different sizes and conditions whether you want to lease or rent one.

We can also customize our rental shipping containers with various shipping container accessories and door configurations that best suit your needs. They come in multiple sizes ranging from small-sized shipping containers to large-size shipping containers measuring 45 feet. We believe that we can provide the ideal shipping container for your needs.

Shipping containers for rent serve a variety of purposes. You can use them to store machinery, tools, and inventory. Our shipping containers can serve as a storage unit for furniture and any other personal items if you own a home. You can also use them as display booths, emergency storage space, and camping cabins.

Feel free to contact us today to earn more about the different products we have on offer. Our highly experienced professionals are always available to attend to all your questions and more information about the steps for renting or leasing a shipping container from Pro Box.

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ProBox Container Sales- Chandler, AZ

If you are a resident of Chandler, Arizona looking to purchase a shipping container, we have good news for you. At Pro Box, you can choose from shipping containers of various sizes. Whether you are looking for an almost new one-trip shipping container or a container in as-is condition, we can provide precisely what you are looking for.

We also have a wide range of sizes to choose from, such as small 10-foot shipping containers and sizeable 45-foot shipping containers. We also have medium-sized depending on your preferences and intended use. Do you need to purchase a refrigerated shipping container for your storage needs? We offer that too. Pro Box also has a wide range of refurbished and insulated containers.

There are many different reasons why you would want to buy a shipping container in Chandler. Maybe you need to create additional office space or an on-site storage unit. You could also need a shipping container for international shipping. Regardless of the usage plans you have for your shipping container, we believe we can deliver precisely what you need at the best price possible.

You can call our company to talk to our highly experienced professionals to discuss the options available and how we can help you address your needs. We can also help you with various container modifications and the preparation for the delivery of your shipping container.

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ProBox Portable Offices - Chandler, AZ

Is your business in Chandler, Arizona, plagued by limited office space? If that is the case, you have probably spent a lot of time trying to find solutions. We offer the best solution for businesses that are looking to add extra office space to their premises. Pro Box portable offices are both affordable and flexible. 

Depending on how much office space you want to add, you can choose from the 20 foot or 40-foot shipping containers. They are all fully insulated and equipped with doors, windows, and electricity. We also offer 40-foot variants that combine an office and a storage unit for clients that need versatility. All our shipping containers meet the ISO standards, so they are highly durable.

If you need to create an office in a small outdoor space, our 20-foot container offices can solve your problem. They are compact enough to fit in a single parking space. We transport and deliver using small rollback trucks, and you can move them, making them suitable for offices on construction sites.

The large-sized 40-foot portable offices are large enough to accommodate several workstations. You can also convert them into break areas or use them as a storage room for equipment and various materials.

For more details about our temperature-controlled portable offices, contact us now. Our team of experts will carefully listen to your needs and provide an ideal solution.

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ProBox Container Modifications- Chandler, AZ

Are you a resident of Chandler, Arizona, with a shipping container that needs modifications? Look no more. Pro Box offers highly experienced and qualified shipping container fabrication experts. We offer the most reliable services regardless of the kind of modification you need. Whether you want a custom paint job or add lockboxes to your shipping container, we can deliver. We also have experts to handle significant renovations.

With high-quality services, we have a team that enjoys taking on new challenges. Are you looking to convert a shipping container into a kitchen or a demo booth? Bring us your ideas, and we will deliver what you need. We have the skills necessary to create our home out of shipping containers. If you can imagine it, rest assured that our shipping container modification team can make it a reality.

Most of the modifications we handle involve installing an HVAC system, ventilation, and electrical packages. Some customers have also requested insulation, custom doors and windows, flooring, and skylights, and we have delivered without fail. We also handle all types of framing and cutting, custom painting, and shipping container refurbishment.

If you have a vision or an idea you want to transform into a reality but do not know what you need, call us today, and our team of experts will help you decide on the best modifications for your needs.

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