San Jose, California

Container Solutions offer all solutions for your container needs in San Jose, California. Our services include not only container sales, but also container rentals and leases. You can find new, used, refurbished, refrigerated, one-trip, and other containers to be used for your storage, extra space, business, and other purposes. No matter if you need a base model container or have to modify it to fit your particular needs. Our experienced staff can help to guide you through the different modifications we offer. We’re your #1 source for containers to fit all of your project needs.

At Container Solutions, we understand that not everyone is looking for the same thing with their shipping container needs. Some individuals are looking to purchase a container while others are wanting to rent or lease a unit. Our web catalog can help to get the ball rolling by checking out our online inventory, pricing, and delivery options to your location. Have a project located in another area in California or beyond? Our company prides itself on its exclusive network of container shipping companies that are able to fit your needs throughout the United States.

Contact us today to learn more about our inventory no matter your location, local in San Jose or throughout the US, and how we can help you to select the perfect container for what you need.

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Container Sales- San Jose, CA

Container Solutions has over 20 years of experience in providing our local San Jose community with the best options for all of your container needs. No matter if it’s for a residential purpose or for business, our staff can help you to find the perfect container to fit your particular needs. 

We offer containers ranging in size from our largest units at 45 feet all the way down to our 10-foot containers in San Jose. You can find these containers in a variety of conditions to best fit your needs and budget. We offer like-new containers, one-trip containers, and used containers. Cargo-worthy, Wind and Water Tight, Refurbished, and more condition containers are available. Our One Trip Containers were specially made for us and have only been loaded and unloaded once to give you a like used condition for your next container project.

Ready to learn more about our available inventory in San Jose? Our experienced staff is here to help you with finding the perfect container that will fit your needs. No matter if you need our smallest unit at 10 feet or have a large space requirement that requires a 45-foot container, we’re ready to match you up with the right container. Take a look at our product catalog to introduce yourself to our stock options, but feel free to contact us to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about the purchase process in California and beyond. 

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Container Rentals- San Jose, CA

Renting a container in San Jose doesn’t need to be difficult. At Container Solutions, we have the right container for your situation at an affordable price. No matter if you need the container long-term or short-term, we can help you rent the perfect container to fit your needs. On offer are containers that range from 10 feet to 45 feet in length with a variety of door configurations to fit your particular needs. 

With all of our San Jose container rentals, you’ll receive a neutral gray container with an included lockbox to improve the security of the unit. Need to keep your container to a specific temperature? We also have refrigerated rental containers that can fit your needs. We offer a 10-foot unit with 500 cubic feet, a 20 foot unit with 1,000 cubic feet, and a 40 foot unit with 2,000 cubic feet of room. Our 10 foot and 20-foot refrigerated containers available for rent require either a single or 3-phase power options. Our 40-foot refrigerated containers are only available with a 3-phase. Single-phase power is a good option if you’re dealing with a smaller area, neighbors with potential noise complaints, or don’t have the 3-phase option available.

Whether you’re considering a rental container or know exactly what you need in your rental container, our staff is ready to help. Contact us today to learn more about our available inventory and delivery to your area in San Jose, California or beyond. 

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Refrigerated Containers- San Jose, CA

Refrigerated storage options don’t have to be limited. At Container Solutions in San Jose, we offer a variety of refrigerated cargo container options to fit your personal or business needs. Currently, we offer 10 foot, 20 foot, and 40-foot refrigerated containers for delivery in our local San Jose area.

One of the biggest concerns with refrigerated storage in San Jose is being able to set a temperature and keep the space at that temperature. We offer a 90-day warranty assuring you that your storage container will remain at the temperature set. It’s our guarantee to you. Our rental refrigerated cargo containers can range in temperature from -20 degrees to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Our 10-foot storage container offers 500 cubic feet. Our 20-foot unit offers 1,000 cubic feet of space. While our 40-foot unit offers a very spacious 2,000 cubic feet of storage space. When it comes to power options, our 10 and 20-foot options require a single or 3-phase. Our 40-foot unit only comes in the 3-phase option. 

These units are the perfect option when you need additional refrigerator space for any purpose, from food truck inventory storage to chemical storage. Contact us today to learn more about your San Jose rental options, get a quote, or hear about setting up delivery locally or in California.  

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Accessories- San Jose, CA

At Container Solutions, we understand that the standard cargo container doesn’t often stand up to your needs in San Jose. That’s why we offer modifications and accessories that can make your container work better for any purpose you have for it. Our accessories can help to improve your container.

We have lights, locks, locking systems, and ramps available for your San Jose container. Lights can be beneficial to make it easier to see in your unit depending on your set-up with both interior and exterior lighting available. Locks and locking systems are often a must-have because the standard locking systems available on cargo containers are often not as secure as you may like, especially if your container is stored in an unsecured area. They are often easy to access with bolt cutters as the lock is not protected. Upgrading your security options can often help your peace of mind. Ramps are a great addition if you plan on loading and unloading your container. They make it safer and easier to use a forklift or pallet jack.

Need any accessories for your container located in California or not sure which ones may be best for your needs? Contact our staff to learn about our available stock and which ones are more appropriate for your circumstances.

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Container Modifications- San Jose, CA

One of the concerns that some individuals and businesses in San Jose have with choosing a cargo shipping container to use for their purposes is the worry that it may not be able to be used for their specific purpose. At Container Solutions, we offer modifications that make it easy to implement one of our containers for the use you have in mind for it.

Need extra living space by placing an in-law suite in your backyard? No problem. A portable office that you can move to different job sites as necessary? We can help you to create the perfect set-up that makes it hard to believe it was a cargo container to begin with for a wide variety of purposes.

We offer a variety of modifications that can turn a standard cargo container into the space you need. Some of the modifications available in San Jose, California include painting, insulation, ventilation, doors, windows, electrical systems, HVAC systems, framing, better security features, flooring, shelving, skylights, and more.

Have some particular modifications in mind for a storage container, but not sure if they are feasible or curious about the pricing? Contact our experienced San Jose modification staff today to discuss what’s possible with your shipping container. We can advise you on which modifications are possible together, our processes, and offer you quotes.

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Portable Offices- San Jose, CA

Portable offices are a great asset to have to make it easier to be closer to a job site without sacrificing the convenience of an office. Container Solutions has portable office containers available for purchase and lease. The benefits of these containers are that they are sturdy while still being mobile allowing you to feel as though you’re in an actual office, but with the convenience of not being stuck in one area of California. 

Our portable offices come in 20 or 40 feet options. Our 20-foot portable container offices have 1,000 cubic feet of office space to work with while our 40 foot has 2,000 cubic feet of office area. Typically, our San Jose portable office containers have insulation, electrical, lighting, windows, an HVAC system, and security features that keep the contents secure. We do offer custom office solutions if your particular set-up needs something in addition to what we already offer. We are able to customize single portable container offices or we can modify multiple units to be joined together.

Contact our staff today to learn more about your options for a portable office in San Jose. We can help you to find the perfect portable office that fits your needs. Let’s go over any questions you may have or set up local delivery to your site.

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