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Since 1988, Container Technology, Inc. (CTI) has served Roswell, GA businesses and individuals by providing high-quality shipping containers. CTI has everything you need for your project, including shipping and storage containers, refrigerated units, portable offices, and container modifications.  All options are available for sale or lease, giving you the freedom to choose the best timeframe for your project needs and your business or personal budget. 

CTI buys used and one-trip storage and shipping containers from international and intermodal sellers. Upon receipt, CTI experts inspect each container to ensure top quality and readiness for use. Roswell, Georgia customers are welcome to request modifications and order any needed accessories. The wide array of modifications include windows, skylights, ventilation, or a fresh coat of paint. CTI's available container sizes include 53-foot, 45-foot, 40-foot, 20-foot, and 10-foot for a wide variety of projects. Choose from a double set of secure cargo doors at one end or add or a rollup door. 

Whether you need a container to transport goods, refrigerated or otherwise, store goods, or to use as an office or retail space, CTI in Roswell has what you need with wind-resistant, watertight, and durable shipping and storage containers. 

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