Valdosta, Georgia

Valdosta, GA-based Container Technology, Inc. is your go-to source for container sales, refrigerated containers, portable offices, container modifications, and more. We have shipping containers ready for delivery to your retail, residential, or commercial job site including 10-foot containers, 20-foot containers, 40-foot containers, and 45-foot containers.

Popular container configurations include one trip containers, wind and watertight containers, refurbished containers, insulated containers, and cargo worthy containers. We also offer high cube containers with an additional 12-inches of headroom compared to regular height containers. This additional space makes our high cube units the perfect option for all your construction sales office and other container conversion projects. 

Our shipping containers come standard with a single cargo door installed at one end for accessing the contents. Ask your sales rep to check availability on alternative door options such as double cargo door containers and open side containers. If that’s not enough, our modifications department can completely customize your container with roll-up doors, personal walkthrough doors, windows, skylights, shelving, and more.   

Refrigerated and insulated shipping containers can take care of all your short-term to long-term cold storage needs. Reach out to us today for Valdosta container sales, Valdosta refrigerated containers, Valdosta portable offices, and Valdosta container modifications.

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Portable Offices- Valdosta , GA

Valdosta portable shipping container offices are the perfect choice if you want the ability to move your sales office from one construction site to the next. Portable offices are even being put into use as backyard workshops, temporary testing labs, retail pop-up shops, and security guard shacks.

Our container modifications team has the ability to completely customize your office including cutting and framing standard walk-through doors, roll-up doors, roof-mounted skylights, burglar bar windows, and more. We also have the ability to install flooring, shelving, electricity, lighting fixtures, and HVAC systems to completely customize your mobile container office.  

If you are using a double door container, with doors on both ends, or an open side container for your portable office, ask about our many shipping container accessories. Padlocks, locks, and lockboxes are just a few of our many security features for securing your cargo door locking rods and handle latch system.  

When it comes to looking for portable office solutions in the Valdosta, GA area reach out to Container Technology Inc. today. Our sales representatives can get started on providing you with a quote for your portable office and arrange a day and time for delivery to your job site. 

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Refrigerated Containers- Valdosta, GA

Valdosta, GA-based Container Technology Inc. has a variety of refrigerated containers available for sale or refrigerated shipping containers for rent. Insulated containers are simply non-working refrigerated containers and are a great dry storage solution that helps protect your valuable cargo from mold and condensation. If you are looking for a temporary storage solution for your carnival food concession stand, a dry storage insulated container is a great choice. 

Our refrigerated containers, AKA reefers, run off electricity and let you adjust the interior temperature depending on your changing cargo needs. Refrigerated containers are most commonly used for the sub-zero storage of frozen food such as meats, seafood, and other perishable items. 

Depending on your cold storage needs, we have everything from 20-foot to 40-foot refrigerated containers and insulated containers ready for delivery to your job site in Valdosta. Our high cube refrigerated container rentals are 9-feet 6-inches tall for increased headroom and storage capacity.  

Reach out to one of our sales representatives at Container Technology Inc. for all your short-term to long-term portable cold storage needs in the Valdosta, GA area. Our available shipping container inventory includes 40-foot high cube refrigerated containers, 40-foot high cube insulated containers, 20-foot insulated containers, and 20-foot refrigerated containers. 

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Container Modifications- Valdosta , GA

Reach out to Container Technology Inc. today for all your Valdosta container modification requirements. Container cutting & framing, container custom paint & refurbishment, container heating & cooling, and container lighting & electricity are just a few of the many customization options we offer. 

If you are looking to improve interior airflow inside your container workshop ask your sales rep about our options for adding dual-pane windows, vented skylights, side-mounted louvered vents, and roof-mounted turbine vents. Burglar bar windows, personal walkthrough doors, plumbing out bathrooms, and adding HVAC systems are just a few modifications we can accomplish to turn your shipping container into a security guard shack

Many customers are asking us to help them modify their containers for use as a retail pop-up shop, food concession stand, backyard granny pod, or portable office. One of the major benefits of temporary sales offices and portable construction offices is once your buildout is complete, simply move the shipping container to your next job site. 

Contact Container Technology Inc to learn all about our shipping container modification services in the Valdosta, GA metropolitan area. We can get started building a quote for your next container conversion project and arrange a time for delivery to your residential, retail, commercial, or industrial site. 

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Container Sales- Valdosta, GA

Shipping containers are being used by home and business owners for a variety of short-term and long-term solutions including temporary outbuildings, portable sales offices, and overflow hospital records storage. Container Technology Inc. is your Valdosta container sales expert. 

We offer many wind and watertight containers for sale, refurbished containers for sale, cargo worthy containers for sale, and one trip containers for sale. Cargo worthy containers are a good option for overseas deployment and international shipping while our like-new one trip containers are being used in a variety of residential homes, portable offices, and other container conversion projects. 

Our refurbished containers and wind and watertight containers have many years of usable life left in them and provide a cost-effective solution for all your long-term storage needs. Refurbished containers are inspected for any signs of surface rust, thoroughly cleaned and pressure washed, then primed and painted before drop-off and delivery to your job site.  

Contact Container Technology Inc. in Valdosta, GA, and speak with one of our sales reps to check available inventory and get started on building a quote for your next shipping container project. We can help guide you through the entire selection process from choosing the right container to scheduling a time for delivery.

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