Rock Hill, South Carolina

Container Technology Inc. has served the area around Rock Hill, South Carolina, since 1988. We have successfully provided cold storage solutions for businesses large and small in the Rock Hill region, whether they were looking for rental options or purchasing a suitable storage container option for their cold storage and other storage container needs.

The refrigerated containers from Container Technology Inc are available in various conditions ranging from new to used. Any of the new containers come from the manufacturer and are never used for the international shipping service. That means they are in the best condition you can find on the market. They typically also come with a warranty on their cooling system from the manufacturer.

All the refrigerated containers are electric and environmentally friendly. Use them to maintain temperatures from 0 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the product you choose. Beyond their superior cooling power, you get a container with double locking doors and durable t-rail flooring.

If you have a business in Rock Hill, SC, and need a temperature-controlled storage solution, CTI should be your answer. You can put them to use over a range of applications, from produce storage to pharmaceuticals, geotechnical projects, to field research. Have questions about our storage options? Contact CTI today.

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Portable Offices- Rock Hill, SC

Container Technology Inc. has supplied the area around Rock Hill with storage solutions since 1988. That includes innovative solutions to make up for room you might lack in your office or workspace. Our portable office containers offer an excellent solution to those that need to increase their workspace or create one on an affordable budget. Not only that, these office containers are highly versatile, customizable, and portable.

Interested in a portable office space? You can choose between options that are 20 feet and 40 feet long. These portable offices can be converted into all kinds of office space that make them easy to relocate and adapt across work sites. The 20-foot option can easily move around on the back of a small rollback truck. Although the 40-foot option might be less portable, they offer more customization options for those who want to include multiple workstations on the interior or even add a small break room.

Do you have something a little different from the standard portable office in mind? Then, talk to our team today to discuss changes to your unit. Our container modification experts are quipped to convert any size container into any mobile office you can dream of, no matter where you are based in the Rock Hill area.

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Refrigerated Containers- Rock Hill, SC

Container Technology Inc has provided Rock Hill, SC, with cold storage solutions since 1988. Whether you are looking to rent or buy, Container Technology Inc. sells many solutions for cold storage. We have a range of refrigerated containers from 20 to 40 feet long. They are available in various conditions as well, from new to used, all with full functionality.

The new refrigerated containers come directly from the manufacturer. These have never been used by the international shipping service and therefore typically come with a warranty on their cooling system, giving them extra value for the buyer. Our trusted experts have guaranteed the used systems, who have done thorough checks to verify their full functionality and capability to maintain temperatures and insulation. They are all inspected and sold in a working condition suited for any application for which you might need them.

Suppose you have a business in Rock Hill, SC, and require temperature-controlled storage—talk to one of our experts at Container Technology Inc. They have numerous applications for use, ranging from seafood storage to the production of adhesives and polymers. In addition, they are well-suited to pharmaceuticals, wine, beer, field research, and much more.

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Container Modifications- Rock Hill, SC

For those businesses who already have containers or are ready to invest but need specific modifications, you can rely on Container Technology Inc. in Rock Hill, SC, to provide you with modification services. Our experts of more than 30 years can assist you in changing your shipping container customization from beginning to end.

Do you have something specific in mind or need further advice on how to modify your container to make it suit your needs? We have got you covered. Our years of experience have walked us through all kinds of modification requests, from augmenting flooring to adding lighting, skylights, extra windows, entry doors, and HVAC systems to make them more usable and functional for dwellings, portable offices, and small businesses.

If you are considering a shipping container conversion, please get on the phone with our container modification experts. We can help you choose the right set of container modification options for any creative use you can think of, with no job being too big or too small. From start to finish, we help you plan your project, discuss the timeline and end up providing you with a transparent estimate to get the job done. We can guarantee your result will exceed your expectations.

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Container Sales- Rock Hill, SC

Container Technology Inc. in Rock Hill, SC, has provided local and regional businesses with storage container options ranging in quality from new to used. We sell these options throughout the southeastern United States. We have been proud to become the top container retailer throughout our primary service states, including Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, Alabama, and South Carolina.

Our shipping containers come in various sizes to make them suitable for any use and budget range. The most common containers we sell for their high functionality are 20 feet long and 40 feet long by 8 feet wide. Those aren't the only ones we offer, though. Let us know what kind of use you are looking for, and our storage container experts will help you find the best match.

If you opt for a used shipping container, you will often get containers that the international shipping industry had used for up to 12 years before we procure and sell them as an aftermarket storage option. New containers are also called "one-trip" containers since they make a single trip from the manufacturer to the United States, only loaded with cargo once before they are sold to our clientele.

Interested in the shipping containers we have for sale? Contact us to have a container specialist answer all your questions.

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