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Container Technology Inc. has served the area around Rock Hill, South Carolina, since 1988. We have successfully provided cold storage solutions for businesses large and small in the Rock Hill region, whether they were looking for rental options or purchasing a suitable storage container option for their cold storage and other storage container needs.

The refrigerated containers from Container Technology Inc are available in various conditions ranging from new to used. Any of the new containers come from the manufacturer and are never used for the international shipping service. That means they are in the best condition you can find on the market. They typically also come with a warranty on their cooling system from the manufacturer.

All the refrigerated containers are electric and environmentally friendly. Use them to maintain temperatures from 0 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the product you choose. Beyond their superior cooling power, you get a container with double locking doors and durable t-rail flooring.

If you have a business in Rock Hill, SC, and need a temperature-controlled storage solution, CTI should be your answer. You can put them to use over a range of applications, from produce storage to pharmaceuticals, geotechnical projects, to field research. Have questions about our storage options? Contact CTI today.

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