Sandy Springs, South Carolina

Container Technology, Inc. is an industry leader for shipping container sales, rentals, and leasing. We have served the Sandy Springs, SC region since 1988. We provide a wide range of container solutions, including storage containers, refrigerated and insulated containers, and portable offices. Our experienced team is also complete with trained experts on container modifications, so your container purchase suits all of your desired specifications.

Our containers serve many purposes for our clients. They are excellent options for traditional on-site storage, insulated storage for temperature-sensitive inventory, office spaces, and even creative uses such as swimming pools. The containers are available in many configurations and sizes, from 10 to 45 feet long and in both High Cube or standard heights. We can deliver all of these products to your location in Sandy Springs, SC.

All of our containers meet our high-quality standards. Each one receives a thorough inspection before shipping. We have containers that are guaranteed to be wind and watertight, and we also offer highly sought after "one-trip" containers that come from the manufacturer after only being loaded with cargo once, unlike other used containers that have spent longer durations at sea and in shipping depots.

Could you use a container as a portable office, storage unit, workshop, or storm shelter? Call us at Container Technology, Inc. today to find the right container for your project.

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Container Rentals- Dallas, TX

CARU West Gulf is your go-to source for 10-foot container rentals, 20-foot container rentals, 24-foot container rentals, 40-foot container rentals, 40-foot high cube container rentals, and 45-foot high cube container rentals in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. 

There are many benefits for renting versus buying a shipping container including convenience, flexibility, and cost-savings. Renting a container is the perfect solution for all your temporary storage needs. Ask about our short-term and long-term container rental solutions in Dallas and the surrounding North-Central Texas region. 

Most container rentals come standard with a single cargo door at one end. We also have options for double door rentals and open side rentals that give you multiple access points to all your tools and equipment. If you need to store very tall or bulky options you should consider one of our high cube container rentals which are a full 12-inches taller compared to standard shipping containers. 

Contact CARU West Gulf for container rentals, sales, accessories, and modifications in Dallas, TX. You can speak to one of our sales reps who can help build a quote and make recommendations on what is the best size for your projects such as trying to decide between a 20-foot or 40-foot rental container.  

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Container Modifications- Sandy Springs , SC

Container Technology has served the region of Sandy Springs, SC, since 1988. We provide all kinds of solutions to your shipping container needs, including refrigerated and insulated containers, portable offices, or customized units for your specialized projects. CTI team members are experts in container modifications, having been an industry leader in custom-built containers for more than 30 years.

Our container customization projects for our customers have included creating storm shelters, e-houses, mini storage units, and multi-functional portable office units. We know there are many applications for shipping containers and are excited to help our customers realize their dreams or ambitions by creating products to suit. Our fabrication team is keen to adapt your custom unit, no matter the size.

Some of our modification options include adding temperature-control units, customized paint jobs, and refurbishing, cutting, and framing, entryways, and windows, additions of lighting, electrical wiring, shelving, insulation, or unique flooring options. From residential to construction, retail to individuals, we have the experience to adapt any shipping container to your current project.

Contact CTI today to talk to an expert representative, and find out more about how we can help turn a standard shipping container into the perfect solution for your needs.

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Portable Offices- Sandy Springs , SC

Container Technology, Inc. has been serving Sandy Springs, SC, since 1988, providing high-quality shipping container solutions at affordable prices. Out containers can be used for many purposes, including customizable portable offices. They function well for businesses, home additions, construction sites, and more.

Our container offices come in 20 and 40-foot options, depending on the number of workspaces or additional inventory you would like to keep inside. Offices that are 20 feet long easily fit into a single parking space, while 40-foot container offices are well-suited to hosting multiple workstations.

Portable offices come with insulation, electrical wiring, lighting, windows, and a single-entry door. We can make them temperature-controlled, fit them with additional entry points, outlets, data, and phone lines. Beyond being highly customizable, shipping container offices benefit from durability with corrugated steel walls and watertight treatments. More renovation can be done to suit your specifications, depending on the purpose the office will serve. From larger windows to additional security measures, a portable office doesn't have to be a temporary solution.  

Interested in a portable office for your job site or to add on a home office? Contact CTI today to discuss your modification needs and local Sandy Springs, South Carolina delivery options with a container expert.

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