Houston, Texas

Our 35 years of experience servicing Houston, Texas, and the surrounding area for all of their container needs gives us a step above the competition. At CARU West Gulf Containers, we offer leases, rentals, and sales of cargo shipping containers in a variety of conditions. You can find new, like-new, used, refurbished, one-trip, refrigerated, wind and water tight, cargo-worthy and more options through us to be delivered to your site. Our containers are available for residential and business purposes.

Thanks to our years of experience in the shipping container business, we understand that not every solution is right for you and your needs. It is one of the reasons why we have such a large inventory and have a partnership throughout the United States to provide you with the right container, modifications, and accessories necessary to fit your needs here in the Houston metropolitan area and throughout the United States.  

Considering utilizing CARU West Gulf Containers for the Houston, Texas area container needs. You can check out our web catalog to learn more about our current inventory. Not sure what options are right for you or have questions you can’t find an answer to online? Contact our staff to discuss any questions or concerns you have about renting, leasing, or purchasing a container.

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Container Sales- Houston ,TX

CARU West Gulf has you covered if you’re in the Houston, Texas area or beyond when it comes to purchasing shipping containers. We offer both new and used shipping containers to those in our local area while our partnership makes it possible to supply you with container options throughout the United States. No matter if you’re looking for a cargo container for residential or business purposes, we have what you need.

To best serve our Houston customers, we have a huge variety of sizes, conditions, and types of containers for sale. We have new containers, containers that are in like-new condition, used containers, refurbished containers, cargo-worthy containers, one-trip containers, and more. To help our clients get the best container at a great price, we offer our one-trip containers that are made especially for us. They are loaded and unloaded once after they are manufactured to save you money while giving you a like-new container. Our sizes range from 10 feet all the way up to 45 feet.

Considering our inventory for your next container purchase? Start your journey by looking at our available inventory online or requesting a quote. You can also contact our staff who are more than happy to discuss your Houston container project to help you find the best container for your needs along with learning about our available modifications and accessories.

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Container Rentals- Houston, TX

It may seem like a hassle to rent a container in Texas, but CARU West Gulf takes the hassle out of the process. As an industry leader, we know that you’re looking to get the right container for the situation at the best price. We offer our rentals to be either short-term or long-term depending on your needs. Our largest rentals are 45 feet long down to our smallest units at 10 feet. They come in a variety of configurations to get the right one for you.

Typically, our Houston, Texas container rentals are a neutral gray. They come with an included lockbox to offer you peace of mind of the safety of the unit. Not only do we have standard containers for rent that can be used as extra storage space, but also refrigerated storage for extra cold storage. When it comes to our refrigerated rentals, we have three sizes: 10 foot, 20 foot, and 40 foot. 

Ready to discuss a container rental with our Houston staff? Our experienced professionals can help walk you through the rental process, no matter if you need just a standard container for a short-term lease or want to rent a refrigerated container to act as long-term cold storage for your local restaurant.

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Portable Offices- Houston, TX

At CARU West Gulf, we understand that you’re often on the move around the Houston area with your different job sites, and it can be hard to get things done without a proper office. That’s why we offer portable offices locally and throughout the United States. Our offices are available for lease or purchase depending on your needs. You’ll get the benefit of being able to be on-site while working but have an office that allows you to have the proper space to work.

These offices come with a basic set-up featuring electrical systems, lighting, insulation, windows, security features, and an HVAC system to help keep you comfortable while working. Custom office solutions are available if there is something specific that you need in addition to our typical design. CARU West Gulf offers two different sizes for our Houston customers at 40 and 20 feet. The 40-foot office offers 2,000 cubic feet of space to use while the 20-foot measures in at 1,000 cubic feet. 

Think a Houston, Texas portable office is right for your needs and you’re ready to have one delivered or you want to learn more about how this could change the way your business works? Contact our staff today to discuss your options.

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Container Modifications- Houston ,TX

Think a shipping container won’t be able to fit your particular needs? You may be right in that thought as a standard shipping container without any changes isn’t right for every situation and use. The good news is that you don’t have to give up on the affordability of a shipping container as CARU West Gulf offers modifications that can turn any standard shipping container into whatever you need it to be. Want a high-end pop-up shop for your retail business or create a unique living space? It’s all possible with the right customizations.

There are a number of modifications that we offer in-house for our Texas customers to make a standard cargo container into their dream space. Modifications we offer include ventilation, painting, insulation, doors, skylights, windows, HVAC systems, electrical systems, shelving, flooring, framing, and better security features. The right modifications for one shipping container project might not be right for another, so we customize your modifications to fit your specific needs.

Want to learn more about the modifications we offer and how they can make your shipping container perfect for your Houston, Texas project’s needs? Our professional staff is here to help. We can let you know about your different options, give you quotes, and help you get to the perfect modification package for your cargo container.

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