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There are a wide range of situations where having additional cold storage on your site can be extremely useful. For instance, you may have a surplus of perishable inventory, such as fresh ingredients for food production or floral arrangements. Certain products, such as pharmaceuticals, may require a temperature-controlled environment to ensure their safety and efficacy before they reach market. Whether you need the extra capacity due to seasonal demand or it’s time to expand your facilities, refrigerated container rental through Container Alliance can be the solution you need. 

We provide a variety of refrigerated shipping container rental options to help you meet your requirements. These all-electric units work with either 230-volt or 460-volt power supplies and provide efficient operation. They come standard with stainless steel interior walls as well as aluminum T-channel flooring that can handle pallet jack and forklift traffic. Their construction makes them capable of withstanding some of the most challenging environmental conditions on your site. Our containers also feature swinging cargo doors on one end to make loading them much more convenient. 

Choosing refrigerated storage container rental is a great way to add the climate-controlled capacity you need without committing to something permanent. We offer 20-foot and 40-foot containers that fit within the width of a standard parking space. To learn more about what we have to offer, browse through our listings here or reach out and speak with one of our representatives today. 

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Reefer Container Rental FAQs

When should I consider renting a refrigerated shipping container?

Although they’re built primarily for protecting temperature-sensitive goods during shipping, these containers also make the ideal solution for your temporary cold storage needs. Many different types of companies can put them to good use. For example, wineries and breweries can use the containers to keep ingredients fresh and keep finished products from being affected by temperature fluctuations. If you have raw materials or goods that need to be kept in a climate-controlled environment and you don’t have all the capacity you need at the moment, our rentals can keep your operations running as smoothly as possible. 

How does renting a refrigerated container work?

When you call us, our experts will work with you to determine your specific needs and recommend the solution. Next, we arrange for your containers to be delivered from one of the many qualified partners within our supplier network. On your end, you need to make sure your site will be able to accommodate the delivery as well as the containers for as long as you need them. Our representatives will be able to tell you how to prepare for the delivery. 

What are the benefits of renting a refrigerated container?

Renting means you can add capacity quickly without needing to build a new warehouse or rent space at another facility. Instead, you’ll be able to ensure your items will be kept safe right there on your property so you can continue to practice business as usual without worrying about the logistics of storing them off-site. This helps you during periods when demand spikes or situations change unexpectedly and you need more cold storage in a hurry. 

Should I buy or rent a refrigerated container?

Whether you rent or purchase your refrigerated containers through us comes down to a number of factors. The most important of these is how long you foresee needing them. If you expect you’ll only need one for a relatively short time, renting is the best choice. You also need to think about your budget, because a rental won’t cost you as much in the short term as buying a unit outright. If you need help deciding which will work best for you, our experts will be able to help you weigh your options. 
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