Video provided by the National Portable Storage Association (NPSA) demonstrates how to choose the best location for your container on a construction jobsite and demonstrates how much room is required to deliver a standard portable storage container. Portable storage containers are the most popular way to store jobite tools, material and temporary construction offices. (See video for more info)

Duke Blue Devils marching band uses containers to save money, increase efficiency and grow as a non profit organization. Overflow material for props and stages, uniforms and instrement storage. (See video for more info)

Santa Barbara based green small business uses storage containers to store inventory and grow efficiently. Portable storage containers placed behind the business becomes the delivery point for new inventory and safe and secure way to keep inventories on hand without increasing the amount of square footage needed for the store front.

Inhabitat put together a video featuring NYC firm Lot-ek talking about shipping container architecture. Shipping containers are very popular as structures because of the strength and low cost associated as a building material. (See video for more info)

Phil Herndon of Containers Solutions gives a tutorial on container doors. This video will give hints on how to open doors that may be jammed or tough to deal with. ISO Shipping / Storage Container doors are safe and secure but can be a problem if the container is not level. (See video for more info)