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Container Rentals

If you're looking for temporary on-site storage for your home or business, renting a shipping container is an excellent option. Container Solutions is the most trusted storage container rental company in Northern California.

We offer shipping containers for rent in a variety of sizes and conditions, making them suitable for many different purposes. Our 10-foot and 20-foot storage containers are ideal for use in areas with limited space, while our 24-foot and 40-foot units provide more space and additional flexibility.

Rental containers are often used for storing inventory, equipment, paperwork, furniture, personal items, and more. All of our rental containers are wind and watertight and include an extra lockbox so you can feel confident that your items are safe and secure.

We also offer refrigerated storage containers for rent with the option of single-phase or three-phase power units. These are suitable for a variety of cold storage needs. 

To get started with your shipping container rental, take a look through our inventory below and request a quick and easy online quote. If you have any questions or aren’t sure what you need, give us a call! Our knowledgeable staff will answer all your questions and help you choose the best solution.

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Container Sales

 Container Solutions is the most trusted provider of shipping containers for sale in Northern California. From long-term storage needs to special projects, there are many reasons to purchase a shipping container.

Whether you’re looking for a small 10-foot shipping container, an extra-large 45-foot high-cube container, or something in between, we’ll help you find the perfect solution. We have containers for sale in a wide variety of sizes and also offer standard, double-door, and open-side configurations.

All of our shipping containers are made from corrugated steel and have 1 1/8-inch-thick marine-grade flooring. The doors seal tight, offering protection from both inclement weather and pests. In addition to used shipping containers, we also offer “like-new” one-trip containers that are shipped directly from the manufacturer.

If you need to ship or store temperature-sensitive items, consider our 20-foot or 40-foot refrigerated shipping containers. Both run on three-phase electrical power. We also offer 20-foot single-phase refrigerated units for sale.

Take a look through our shipping container inventory below. To get started with your order, simply complete our online quote request form or give us a call. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will answer all your questions and help you prepare for your container delivery.



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Refrigerated Containers

Container Solutions offer refrigerated options i 10ft, 20ft and 40ft length for delivery to . These units are great options for individuals or businesses looking to keep their product at a specific temperature. With units being able to range in temperature from 80 degrees down to -20 degrees fahrenheit and with a 90 day warranty Container Solutions can guarantee that these units will keep your product at the right temperature. We offer single and 3-phase power options in the 10ft and 20ft refrigerated category with the 40ft option only offered with 3-phase. 

The 10ft and 20ft option will offer 500 cubic feet and 1000 cubic feet respectively. The single phase options are great for customers who do not have a lot of space or do not have 3-phase power or maybe have close neighbors and have noise restrictions. For your larger refrigerated needs the 40ft High Cube Refrigerated unit will come in 3-phase 460V power option and offer 2000 cubic feet of storage.

Container Solutions offers Feel free to reach out at +19253189626 or fill out a quote request form today and we will get back to you with a detailed quote.   

Give us a call today to discuss refrigerated container options +19253189626.

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Container Modifications

If you are interested in creating a shipping container dwelling, such as a backyard guest house, shipping container workshop, security guard shack, construction site office, or retail pop-up shop, we have the perfect solution for you. San Francisco shipping container modifications include windows, ventilation, skylights, shelving, flooring, insulation, electrical packages, custom doors, heating and air conditioning, cutting and framing, and more. 

We are your one-stop-shop for any and all San Francisco shipping container modifications. Our cutting and framing services let us turn your container into a habitable dwelling by making various modifications such as adding bathroom windows, rooftop skylights, louvered side vents, HVAC systems, custom paint, and sliding glass doors. 

Our custom painting service allows us to paint the exterior of your containers to match the colors of your brand - the perfect solution if you are using your containers as a portable festival food concession unit. We even have recommendations on how to build an affordable pool using a shipping container including de-roofing, waterproofing, plumbing, and structural modifications. 

Reach out to Container Solutions today for all your San Francisco shipping container modification needs. We also offer containers for sale or for rent including one trip containers, refurbished containers, cargo worthy containers, high cube containers, refrigerated containers, and more.

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Portable Offices

When it comes to mobile offices and temporary sales offices shipping containers are a popular option. Container Solutions can source, modify, and deliver shipping container portable offices to your job site in San Francisco or anywhere in the surrounding Bay Area. We have both 20-foot and 40-foot portable container offices available for rental or sale. Once your buildout is complete, you can easily transport your container construction office or guard shack to your next project site.  

Our container conversion team can customize and modify your office to cut, frame, and install security bar windows, skylights, rooftop turbines, side vents, and walk-through doors. We also have options for adding plumbing, circuit breakers, electrical outlets, HVAC systems, and phone and data lines to your portable office. Our modification team can also make recommendations on framing out interior doors and walls to design a combination container office and storage unit solution for you.

Reach out to Container Solutions today to get a quote and schedule delivery of your next San Francisco shipping container portable office. Ask your sales rep to check the availability of our like-new one trip containers, cargo worthy containers for overseas deployment, economically priced wind and watertight containers, high-quality IICL-5 containers, and more.  

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Container Solutions can help you convert any of our one trip containers, cargo worthy containers, or wind and water tight containers into a modular storage system to meet your exact and specific needs. Lights, locks, locking systems, and ramps are just a few of the container accessories we offer our customers.

Locks are the perfect accessory for securing all your container cargo doors, roll up doors, and personal walkthrough doors. Comprehensive locking systems make sure all your offsite storage containers, security guard shacks, and shipping container offices remain tamper-proof and theft-resistant during off-hours. Container ramps are the perfect solution when using forklifts or handcarts to load and unload cargo even on uneven surfaces. We also have the capability of adding electrical outlets and interior and exterior lighting systems to your containers. 

Reach out to Container Solutions in San Francisco for help sourcing all your shipping container accessories. We can get you a quote and arrange for delivery in San Francisco or anywhere in the Bay Area on any of our 10-foot, 20-foot, or 40-foot shipping containers. 

We also offer modification services such as cutting and framing, heating and cooling, and custom paint and refurbishment for your next shipping container conversion project.

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