Salt Lake City, Utah

DRYBOX USA is a leader in the shipping container industry with the best shipping container sales team and products throughout North America. We have built a knowledgeable staff of experts to help our customers in Salt Lake City, Utah and the surrounding area find the right solution to suit any of their shipping container needs.

Are you looking for a shipping container or associated services in or around Salt Lake City, Utah? At DRYBOX USA, we sell, rent, and lease shipping containers from standard to high cube from 10 to 53 feet long. These containers can come as used units or "one-trip" containers sent straight to us from the manufacturers. 

We also sell refrigerated and insulated containers to take care of your cold storage inventory. Do you need something more than a standard ISO shipping container? Our modifications experts can change the configuration of your entryways, ventilation, add in shelving, wiring for lights, phones, or data, and so much more. From converting a shipping container into a portable office to an addition to your home, we have the capacity to make it happen.

Interested in our shipping container, their associated accessories, or the potential modifications to your current unit? Contact DRYBOX USA to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff today.

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Container Sales- Salt Lake City, UT

DRYBOX USA serves as one of the nation's leaders in the shipping container and associated services industry. We sell a wide selection of new and used shipping containers that comes in many sizes to our clients in Salt Lake City, Utah. The shipping containers range from a manageable 10 feet to our highest volume option of 53 feet, both standard and high cube heights. We also offer a variety of configurations in many of these sizing options, including standard double doors at one end, double doors at both ends, or open side containers.

We offer both new and used containers. We have new "one-trip" containers, meaning they have been delivered straight to us from the manufacturer and only filled once for the trip. The shipping container industry never uses them before being bought or rented by our customers in Salt Lake City, Utah. We can also refurbish a used container to look like new, sanding out the rust and repainting it to seal over any vulnerable spots once again.

Are you in need of a shipping container for a recent or future project? Contact our team of shipping unit experts at DRYBOX USA today to discuss your project specifications.

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Refrigerated Containers- Salt Lake City, UT

DRYBOX USA serves Salt Lake City, Utah and the surrounding region, supplying our customers with the widest selection of shipping container units. These units include solutions for your cold storage needs. We sell, rent, and lease refrigerated and insulated shipping containers to suit any cold inventory.

Our refrigerated sale units each receive a thorough inspection by our team of container experts, validated for their full functionality and certified watertight. Then, they are pre-tripped for delivery to our customers in Salt Lake City, Utah. These refrigerated and insulated units can come in like-new to used conditions. Our "one-trip" containers are sent straight to us from the manufacturer, filled only once for the trip, and never used by the shipping industry. The used containers still function perfectly and can be refurbished to meet any of your project specifications.

All of our refrigerated containers run on an electric source of three-phase power and require either a 230V outlet with an adaptor that we sell separately or its native 460V power cord. Depending on which product you choose, the container can maintain temperatures from negative 20 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Need a shipping container solution for cold storage? Contact our team of product experts at DRYBOX USA today to discuss your options.

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Container Modifications- Salt Lake City , UT

At DRYBOX USA, our knowledgeable team of experts has extensive experience conducting modifications of all kinds of shipping containers. From high-end projects to basic modifications, we can cater to any of your project's needs and specifications when it comes to cargo containers. We have many years of experience doing container modifications for our valued customers in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Our work truly is second to none in our industry. We don't only rely on our opinion, but the feedback we get from our customers like you to testify to that. Some of the modifications we can do for you include adding heating and air conditioning units into the container. We can also add insulation to increase the financial viability of this choice. We can also change your unit's configuration, adding custom doors, windows and using cutting and framing techniques to adjust walls and panels.

We also have electrical packages available and enhancements to the security of your container. Do you need to enhance the unit's storage capacity? We can add shelves and change the container's flooring.

Interested in one or several of these shipping container modifications? Contact our expert team at DRYBOX USA today to discuss your project specifications.

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