Cutting and Framing

Cutting and Framing

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Cutting and Framing: Description

There are many reasons why you may need shipping container modifications. Some modifications, such as adding windows and doors, require cutting and framing. The security and safety of your container depend on the quality of the work. Don’t trust this important project to just anyone!

Container Alliance specializes in removing entire sidewalls or sidewall sections, from floor to ceiling. We’ll also re-enforce your container with steel frames, beams, and posts. It pays to have the work done right.

Sidewall Removal

Some projects require full side wall removal. Whether you are planning on placing containers together or just want an open side exposed we can remove sidewalls very cleanly. Anytime a side wall is removed we brace the container with a steel beam for transport so there is no sagging. This can only be done on containers that have 4 corner posts for support.

Door and Window Cutouts

We have a great deal of expertise when your project requires a cutout for doors, windows, or other custom purposes. Some companies do not provide steel framing around their cutouts which can be dangerous due to sharp edges being exposed. All of our cutouts are framed with 2” X 2” steel tubing unless otherwise requested. We also have 2” X 4” tubing for an additional cost.

These cutouts are great for installing aftermarket doors or windows in custom sizes that are not typically offered. Also, certain larger glass pieces require steel framing to install onsite due to natural flex in the container during delivery. We can make any custom size your project requires.

Container Joining

Joining cargo containers together can be a very cost-effective modification that will create a large space for an office, control room, living area, guest house, or garage utilizing shipping containers.  

Container Alliance has a unique tongue and groove system that will allow you to join two containers together onsite creating a water-tight seal. Our connection framing utilizes 2’ X 4’ metal tubing that allows two containers with sidewalls cutout to fit together. A forklift or crane will need to be utilized onsite to connect the containers and welding is required so the framing is stable. There is also a 6’ floor gap that needs to be accounted for due to the corner posts preventing the interior flooring from lining up. We only perform this modification on One Trip Containers due to used units not always lining up perfectly.

We have worked with engineers and architects on countless projects, and their positive reviews speak for themselves. Our experts pride themselves on their attention to detail and the quality of their finished products.

If you’re working on a shipping container project that requires custom cutting and framing, please contact us today! Our container modification experts are happy to discuss your project, explain how we can help, and provide you with a custom quote. Give us a call today or complete our convenient online contact form below and we’ll reach out to you right away.

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