Container Insulation

Container Insulation

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Insulation: Description

Adding insulation to a shipping container can improve its energy efficiency, comfort, and durability. Insulation helps to keep the interior of the container at a consistent temperature, reducing the need for heating or cooling and improving comfort. If you are adding an AC unit, having insulation will make it much easier on your air conditioner so the unit will not work as hard to achieve peak performance. It can also help to reduce the transmission of noise into and out of the container, making it a quieter space to be in.

There are several types of insulation materials that can be used to insulate a shipping container, including fiberglass batting, spray foam, and rigid board insulation. The type of insulation used will depend on the climate and the intended use of the container.

Panel Insulation

Our panel insulation is steel skinned panel that snaps together to give a sleek look while covering the sidewalls and ceiling. This option is very clean and professional looking which is why you it is used in many of our portable office units. Panel insulation is a great option and only taking up 2” of space on each wall. It is important to consider if you will be hanging anything on these walls because it is much harder to drill into because the insulation is not affixed to the container walls so it lacks the strength needed for hanging anything. 

Framed Traditional Insulation

This insulation option is completed by installing a wood framing around the sidewalls and ceiling of the container. This is then filled with traditional rolled insulation and covered with painted plywood. This framing is also 2” thick so it takes up very little space. The main benefit of this option is that you can screw directly into the wood framing if you need to hang anything.

All of our insulation has a R-13 value. Call us to speak with a representative for more information on which type of insulation is best suited for your custom container.

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