20ft Refrigerated Shipping Container

Requires Three Phase Power
Requires Voltage of 440/460V
Ranges From -20 to 75 Degrees Fahrenheit
Structurally Sound
Marine Grade Flooring
Water Proof Guarantee  

20ft Refrigerated Shipping Container

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Refrigerated container that requires three phase power to operate. Range 75 to -20 degrees F. Dimensions: 20' length, 8' width, 8'6" height.

20ft Cargo Worthy Refrigerated Container: Description

Container Alliance offers many variations of working refrigerated containers. One of these is the 20-foot Refrigerated Container. These can maintain any designated temperature within the range of 75 degrees to -20 degrees Fahrenheit. 

All of our refrigerated units are available for running on systems of 50 or 60 Hz. These require three phases of power where the power supply is grounded with circuit breakers with a minimum of 30 amps. If you use a power supply of 208/230 volts, the circuit breakers need to be at least 50 amps. Our refrigerated container's electrical system supports voltage variances of (+) or (-) 15% but needs to be protected from electrical power surges. The unit does contain fuses that will protect the control circuits and fan motors.

When you order this unit, we deliver it with a standard ISO CEE 59-foot power plug and a 460-volt cable. Note that our 230-volt cable does not come with a power plug.

At Container Alliance, we can suit your specs for working and non-working refrigerated units, insulated, in new and used categories. Call us today to talk about the options that we have available for you.

For more information visit our refrigerated container rental guide and refrigerated container buyers guide. Refrigerated containers for sale and refrigerated containers for rent

Cargo Worthy

The title pretty much says it all. Cargo worthy means just that. A cargo worthy storage container has been inspected and carries a damage­ free certification. If your needs include shipment or there is a chance you may want to ship your container in the future, we recommend purchasing a cargo worthy Storage Container. Cargo worthy units are typically still labelled by the shipping line, have some dents, scratches and surface rust where the steel has been exposed. Although this conditional category is a must for shipping we have found these containers insure a higher quality storage or special project unit. These containers have a 3 year watertight guarantee

20ft Refrigerated Shipping Container Specifications

Exterior Interior Door Openings Trip Weight Fork Pockets

Length: 19' 10 1/2"

Width: 8'

Height: 8' 6"

Length: 17' 11"

Width: 7' 8"

Height: 7' 6"

Width: 7' 5"

Height: 7' 3"

Tare: 6503 lbs

Max Gross: 52,800 lbs

Cubic Cap: 1,010 cu. ft

Height: 0' 4 1/2"

Width: 1' 2 3 /16"

Center: 6' 9 7/8"

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