Steel Roll Up Door

Available On The End Of The Container
Available On Side Of The Container

Steel Roll Up Door

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Steel Roll Up Door: Description

Roll-up doors are one of our most common modifications offered.  Roll up doors maximize space.  They do not require any additional clearance outside the envelope of the container unlike swing doors or cargo doors. They also do not require any additional clearance.  Our Customer roll up doors are made from high quality materials and are built to last.  They also come in a variety of sizes to fit your needs.  When paired with a standard cargo door on the container you can have access to both ends of the container.  Container Alliance offers roll up doors ranging from 4ft to 12ft in width. 

What About the Safety of These Doors?

Roll up doors are designed to provide smooth movement, and to stay in place once raised.

Roll up doors are also optimized for storage containers used in public buildings or industrial parks in line with all applicable safety codes. We even offer modifications like advanced locking systems to provide added protection.


Roll up doors are not as secure as the standard cargo doors but are easier to operate and function better if door is kept open most of the time the container is in use.  They are also light weight making them easier to open and require less strength.  

Lockboxes can be installed on roll-up doors for added security. Most roll doors are 7'6" tall on average.  They are framed with steel and can be offered in a taller height if custom ordered for a high cube container.

Other Considerations

If you desire more height you may want to consider a steel sliding door on the side of the container which had more height but is not as easy to operate.

When installing roll up doors on a used container we also recommend having the container custom painted

Features Include

Door Springs
  • Coated with grease during production, which prevents rust and corrosion
  • Enclosed in a tube for lifetime protection
  • Provide for smooth door operation
Ratchet Tensioning Device
  • Allows for simplified spring tensioning
  • Tensions all springs at once
  • Requires no pins to hold the tension on the spring
Radial Ball Bearings
  • Provided at no additional cost
  • Permanently lubricated
  • Require virtually no maintenance
Dead Axle and Torque Tube Assembly
  • Tube housing protects springs and strengthens the axle
  • Eliminates axle push and shift that a live axle would create
  • Allows for springs to be tuned all at the same time

  • 4'W x 6'9"H
  • 6’W x 6’9”H
  • 7’W x 6’9”H
  • 8’W x 6’9”H
  • 10’W x 6’9”H
  • 12’W x 6’9”H
  • Custom sizes available upon request

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