10ft Refurbished Container

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10ft Refurbished Container

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Freshly painted container with cargo doors on one end. Dimensions: 10' length, 8' width, 8'6" height.

10ft Refurbished Container: Description

Container Alliance leads the industry in shipping container products and modifications. We have a wide array of units for sale, including the 10-foot refurbished storage container. The unit provides a total of 582 cubic feet for safe storage, and its size makes it easy to transport and fit almost anywhere.

These 10-foot containers come in a variety of conditions, from new to refurbished. They are all two-door options, either equipped with an easy-access roll-up door or a cargo door at one end. These units typically do not have corner castings on each end and need to be modified if you want them to be stackable.

Our refurbished containers are not only repainted but also repaired and cleansed of any rust or old decals. They first have to pass a primary inspection. Afterward, they undergo rust treatment and are given protective coatings before receiving their final inspection. When the process is finished, the units are in perfect working order and provide enhanced aesthetic value compared to general products from a shipping line.

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About Refurbished Containers

A refurbished container is an excellent choice. Container Alliance signature refurbished units are not just “repainted”; they are fully refurbished. The Storage Container is first carefully selected, and then thoroughly inspected prior to work being done on the unit. The used shipping container typically has surface rust where it has been scratched or dented which is ground down and removed, exposing raw steel. All rough spots are removed along with any dirt and old decals. The container is treated with a rust prohibitive primer and rust prohibitive paint. After the paint dries, the Storage Container goes through one last inspection process, which involves testing the cargo doors and fixing them to insure that they are functioning properly. The finished product on a refurbished storage container for sale provides more aesthetic value than a container that is labeled by the shipping line, and will last much longer than an untreated shipping container.

10ft Refurbished Container Specifications

Exterior Interior Door Openings Trip Weight Fork Pockets

Length: 10'

Width: 8'

Height: 8' 6"

Length: 9' 2"

Width: 7' 8"

Height: 7' 9"

Width: 7' 8" - CARGO

Height: 7' 5" - CARGO

Tare: 2,870 lbs

Max Gross: 24,910 lbs

Cubic Cap: 563.3 cu. ft

Height: 0' 4 1/2"

Width: 1' 2 3 /16"

Center: 6' 9 7/8"

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