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Contact Container Technology Inc. for all your Greenville container modifications, container sales, portable offices, and refrigerated container needs. If you are looking for dry storage and/or cold storage solutions we offer everything from 20-foot insulated containers to 40-foot high cube refrigerated containers available for immediate delivery. 

Insulated shipping containers are great at maintaining a consistent interior temperature while preventing the formation of mold or condensation to protect your perishable items during transport. Our electrical-powered refrigerated containers, or reefers, let you adjust the temperature as needed and are the perfect solution for the sub-zero storage of frozen meats, seafood, fruits, and vegetables.

If you are converting your container into a portable office, retail sales office, or security guard shack we have many customization options available. Windows & skylights, lighting & electricity, heating & cooling, cutting & framing, and custom paint & refurbishment are just a few of the container modification services we offer our customers. 

Reach out to Greenville-based Container Technology Inc. and speak with one of our sales reps to get started building a quote on your next shipping container and arrange a time for drop-off to your home, office, or business. We are your Greenville, South Carolina shipping container solutions expert.

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Refrigerated Containers- Greenville, SC

Greenville-based Container Technology Inc. is the leader in refrigerated shipping container sales and service. We offer Greenville 20-foot refrigerated containers, Greenville 20-foot insulated containers, Greenville 40-foot high cube refrigerated containers, Greenville 40-foot high cube insulated containers for rent or for sale. 

If your cold storage needs are temporary, such as setting up a food concession stand at the annual county fair, then we recommend renting or leasing one of our refrigerated containers. Our insulated containers, or dry storage containers, keep your fresh fruits, vegetables, and other perishable items at a consistent temperature free from mold, mildew, or condensation. 

Refrigerated containers, or reefers, require a source of power as the cooling system runs on electricity. Reefers can be set at any temperature you desire from the sub-zero storage of frozen goods to around 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Beverages, meats, seafood, electronics, and pharmaceuticals are just a few ways our customers use their refrigerated shipping containers. 

Call Container Technology Greenville, South Carolina today and get started building a quote on your next insulated or refrigerated shipping container. Your sales rep can make recommendations for the best container based on your specific needs, answer any questions you may have on preparing your job site and schedule a day and time for delivery.

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Container Modifications- Greenville, SC

Container Technology Inc. is the leader in shipping container sales, shipping container rentals, refrigerated shipping containers, portable container offices, and container modifications in the Greenville, South Carolina area. Our shipping container modification services include custom doors, flooring, electrical packages, security features, shelving, ventilation, heating and cooling, and more. 

We specialize in customizing and modifying one trip shipping containers, cargo worthy containers, wind and watertight containers, and refurbished containers. We also have multiple door configurations to choose from including double door containers and open side containers. If you are looking for extra headroom for your next retail sales office or portable office project, we recommend modifying one of our high cube containers. 

Stacking and modifying multi shipping containers is proving a popular choice for building your dream home. Shipping container housing is a cost-effective solution compared to a traditional stick-built structure. Container homes let you reuse and recycle existing materials and are easily upgraded by adding dual-pane windows, vented skylights, sliding glass doors, and other container modifications.  

Call Container Technology Inc. today to get started on your next Greenville container modification project. Your sales rep can check available shipping container inventory and schedule a time for drop-off at your home, office, or business. 

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Portable Offices- Greenville, SC

Reach out to Greenville-based Container Technology Inc. for all your portable office solutions from 20-foot office containers to 40-foot office containers. Portable offices are a reusable and cost-effective solution compared to building a permanent office structure at each site. The number one advantage of using a shipping container for a portable office is once your build-out is complete, simply move the office to your next job site. 

Our container modifications department has many options for completely customizing your portable office, retail sales office, mobile construction office, or security guard shack. We can easily create a climate-controlled interior through the installation of windows, skylights, insulation, ventilation, HVAC systems, and more.

Many of our customers are using our large 40-foot office containers for a combination portable office with a separate storage area for locking up and securing sensitive documents. If safety is an issue, we can add burglar bar windows, padlocks, lockboxes, and other security features to your container portable office. 

We also have options for framing off a section of any of our large shipping containers to add a break room for your workers or even a separate restroom area. Speak with one of our sales reps at Container Technology Inc. to get answers to all your Greenville portable office sales and service questions. 

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Container Sales- Greenville, SC

If you are looking for Greenville container sales solutions you’ve come to the right place. Container Technology Inc. is your one-stop-shop for Greenville one trip containers, Greenville cargo worthy containers, Greenville refurbished containers, and Greenville wind and watertight containers. 

We sell containers in a variety of configurations including double door containers, open side containers, and high cube containers. Our container modifications department can cut out, frame-in, and install roof-mounted turbine vents, domed skylights, dual-pane windows, roll-up doors, and more to completely customize your container conversion project

One of our compact 10-foot one trip containers is the perfect choice if you are looking for at-home storage options but have limited space to work with. A 20-foot high cube open side container is a great option for converting into a spacious portable office that conveniently fits in the space of a single parking spot. If you have ample space and need a high-capacity cargo solution, consider one of our 45-foot high cube wind and watertight containers. 

Contact Container Technology Inc. today for all your Greenville, South Carolina container sales and service questions. One of our knowledgeable sales reps can get started building a quote, make recommendations on the best container, share tips for preparing your site, and schedule a time for delivery.

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