Dallas, Texas

CARU West Gulf provides solutions for Dallas container sales, Dallas container rentals, Dallas portable offices, Dallas container modifications, and Dallas container accessories. We have many containers available for sale or rent including 10-foot containers, 20-foot containers, 40-foot containers, and 45-foot containers.

Our containers come in various configurations including one trip containers, high cube cargo worthy containers, wind and water tight containers, refurbished containers, open side containers, double door containers, and more. If you need a convenient way to store tall and bulky items on a temporary basis such as during a remodel project, we recommend renting one or more of our high cube storage containers. 

If you are looking for a portable shipping container office for use at your construction site our container modification department can customize your units according to your specific requirements. Available modifications include adding roll-up doors, walk-through doors, rooftop skylights, HVAC systems, electrical packages, insulation, ventilation, burglar bar windows, and custom shelving. 

Reach out to CARU West Gulf for shipping container sales, container rentals, container modifications, and container accessories, in the Dallas, Texas region. We can get you a quote and arrange for delivery of any of our like-new, gently used, or refurbished containers in the Dallas-Fort Worth and surrounding North-Central Texas region.

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Container Sales- Dallas, TX

If you are looking for shipping container sales, portable storage services, and information near you CARU West Gulf is here to help. Our available inventory includes like-new one trip containers, cargo worthy containers ready for overseas deployment, economically-priced wind and water tight containers, and long-term storage-ready refurbished containers. 

Shipping containers are being purchased and used by residential, commercial, and industrial clients for a variety of container conversion projects. Our 10-foot containers, 20-foot containers, 40-foot containers, and 45-foot containers are even being used for affordable, in-ground, backyard pools. This option to install a shipping container pool is a budget-friendly and time-saving option compared to traditionally built pools. 

Our modifications department is ready to customize your container to your exact and specific needs. We are experts at cutting, framing, and installing louvered side vents, roof-mounted turbine vents, domed skylights, dual-pane windows, interior lighting, roll-up doors, walk-through doors, and more.

Reach out to CARU West Gulf today for all your shipping container sales needs in the Dallas-Fort Worth and surrounding North-Central Texas area. Speak with your sales rep for help choosing the right container based on your available space, tips for preparing your container location, and arrange for delivery to your home, office, or business. 

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Container Rentals- Dallas, TX

CARU West Gulf is your go-to source for 10-foot container rentals, 20-foot container rentals, 24-foot container rentals, 40-foot container rentals, 40-foot high cube container rentals, and 45-foot high cube container rentals in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. 

There are many benefits for renting versus buying a shipping container including convenience, flexibility, and cost-savings. Renting a container is the perfect solution for all your temporary storage needs. Ask about our short-term and long-term container rental solutions in Dallas and the surrounding North-Central Texas region. 

Most container rentals come standard with a single cargo door at one end. We also have options for double door rentals and open side rentals that give you multiple access points to all your tools and equipment. If you need to store very tall or bulky options you should consider one of our high cube container rentals which are a full 12-inches taller compared to standard shipping containers. 

Contact CARU West Gulf for container rentals, sales, accessories, and modifications in Dallas, TX. You can speak to one of our sales reps who can help build a quote and make recommendations on what is the best size for your projects such as trying to decide between a 20-foot or 40-foot rental container.  

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Portable Offices- Dallas, TX

CARU West Gulf is your source for portable office sales, shipping container office rentals, and other temporary office solutions in the North-Central Texas region. One of the major advantages to buying or leasing a portable office is once your buildout is complete, simply move the container to your next commercial, residential, or retail project. 

Another advantage is shipping container offices are an extremely cost-effective solution compared to a stick-built building. We have options for everything from 10-foot container offices to 40-foot container offices. Our 20-foot portable offices are a popular choice that conveniently fit in the space of a single parking space. 

We can customize your portable office with flooring, heating, cooling, ventilation, insulation, and other container modification services. Prior to scheduling delivery of your construction sales office to your site, let us know if you need us to cut out, frame in, and install any windows, doors, skylights, lighting, custom shelving, or other container accessory options. 

Contact CARU West Gulf for all your portable office and shipping container sales, leasing, and modification needs in Dallas, TX. Sales offices, construction offices, guard shacks, business workshops, and pop-up shops are just a few uses for our portable shipping container offices. 

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Container Modifications- Dallas, TX

CARU West Gulf has many options for customizing and modifying shipping containers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Heating & air conditioning, painting & refurbishing, cutting & framing, lighting & electricity, and heating & cooling are just a few of the many modification services we offer our customers.

If you are researching container conversion options for creating a portable retail pop-up shop, customized shelving is one of our top recommendations for increasing usable storage space. We can help organize the interior space by installing container shelving along an entire wall or in a specific location. The benefit to custom shipping container shelving is that it frees up valuable floor space and you can easily and conveniently remove or relocate shelves as your needs change.  

Custom door solutions are a much-requested modification for additional access points to the contents of your containers. Roll-up doors, a second cargo door, double doors, side doors, and walk-through doors are just a few options to choose from. 

Reach out to Dallas-based CARU West Gulf for all your shipping container modification requirements. Speak to a sales representative who can check on available container sales and rental inventory, build a quote, and arrange a time for drop-off and delivery of your next shipping container

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