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When you need more space for your business, choosing one of our portable office containers for sale is an excellent option. Not only is this an economical choice, but it also offers additional flexibility. At Container Alliance, we offer both 20-foot and 40-foot office containers for sale that are insulated and equipped with windows, doors, and electricity. We also carry 40-foot office/storage combos, giving you even more versatility. All of our mobile offices are made from standard ISO shipping containers, making them extremely durable.

Since they fit comfortably into a single parking spot, our small 20-foot office containers for sale are ideal for companies that don't have a lot of extra outdoor space. They're transported and delivered on a small rollback truck, so they're also easy to move from one location to the next. This makes them perfect for construction site offices.

Our 40-foot enclosed on-site office containers are easy to adapt to create multiple workstations. The temperature-controlled units are convenient to use as a break area and can also be used to store materials and equipment. 

To learn more about our portable office and storage containers, take a look through our inventory below, or contact us for more information. We're happy to help you choose the right office container for your needs and explain exactly how to prepare for your container delivery. Give us a call today!

Shipping Container Mobile Office FAQs

What is a shipping container office?

These are shipping containers that have been converted into portable office space that can be deployed virtually anywhere your business needs them. Equipped with power outlets, data connections, air conditioning, and other features, these provide a safe, comfortable place for administrative functions in a wide range of commercial and industrial situations. For example, they can be used to create a temporary jobsite office for construction companies. Businesses in the process of expanding their existing facilities or building new ones can use these to ensure minimal disruption to their operations. Additionally, they can be used as break rooms to keep workers comfortable in the field or as storage to relieve crowding.

What are the benefits of shipping container offices?

In addition to providing your business with extra office space, there are a number of advantages to choosing one of our mobile office containers for sale. For instance, they can be delivered to your site ready to go, with no digging or other construction activity required. This also means there will be no construction waste or debris to deal with once they are delivered. Our units can be equipped with numerous security features to help protect people and assets, and their weatherproof construction keeps them clean and comfortable in virtually all types of conditions. Office/storage combo units offer you even greater flexibility by combining multiple functioning within the same space. Their compact footprint means they can be placed almost anywhere you need them, as well. 

How much is a portable office container?

We offer a wide range of customization options, from custom windows and doors to shelving and furniture. Some of the most common features added to our mobile container offices include HVAC systems, ventilation, and shelving. As such, we recommend reaching out to us for a quote so we can help you determine the unit that will best fit your needs as well as your budget. 

How much space do I get in a container?

We provide containers that are 8 feet wide and either 20 feet or 40 feet in length. With ceiling heights of about 8 feet, you’ll have more than enough room to accommodate multiple workstations, meeting areas, storage, or any other usage. 

What should be considered when buying a portable office container?

Before you commit to an office container, it’s important to think about what purpose it will serve. You should think about what features are necessary to ensure your employees will be safe, comfortable, and productive while using it. In addition, you should measure the space in which you intend for it to be placed and make sure the area is clear for delivery. Our experts can help you determine the approach that is right for you, so reach out and get in touch with us today.
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