40ft High Cube Refrigerated Container

40ft High Cube Refrigerated Container

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40ft High Cube Refrigerated Container - Working: Description

Container Technology offers both new and used 40-foot high cube refrigerated containers.  They can be utilized as both coolers and freezers.  However, they are single temp units and are not able to maintain dual zones (both cooler/freezer temps) at the same time.

They can maintain constant temperatures below 0 degrees and up to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

The cooling system for the refrigerated container comes equipped with a 50-foot power cable.  When running 230V 3-phase power, the unit operates best if hooked up to a dedicated 60-amp circuit.  If you are utilizing 460V 3-phase power, the refrigeration system will need a dedicated 30-amp circuit.

This unit can house as many as 18-standard pallets or 2-rows of 9 pallets (provided you’re storing standard pallets).  A standard pallet measures 40-inches x 48-inches.  The unit is equipped with double swing doors on the end opposite the cooling system.  It can accommodate forklift and pallet jacks.

These 40-foot refrigerated containers are 8-feet wide x 9-feet 6-inches tall.  The interior is 37-feet 11-inches long, 7-feet 6-inches wide and 8-feet 3-inches high.  The max cargo capacity is approximately 60,000 pounds (depending on the unit).

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