40ft High Cube Cargo Worthy Shipping Container

Used for Shipping
9' 6" Tall
Shows Signs of Rust and Dents
Typically over 5 years old


The 40-foot High Cube Cargo Worthy Shipping Container brings our customers at Pro Box a blend of excellent value with increased storage potential. "High cube" denotes a higher ceiling than that of a standard ISO container. These containers have a height of 9 feet and 6 inches compared to the standard height a foot lower. That brings your cubic capacity up to 2,694 cubic feet.

Most of our cargo worthy shipping containers are about 5 years old. When they come to us, they will often show signs of rust or dents. Our shipping container experts examine them before putting them up on our lot to ensure that they are still cargo worthy. That means you can safely use them in the shipping container industry to haul up to 60,000 pounds of cargo. Our passed inspections end in a seal of approval that results in a damage-free certification ensuring you that it can do its job and is still durable.

Are you interested in an affordable option for high-volume shipping containers? Contact us at Pro Box today.

Pro Box Cargo Worthy Containers
The Pro Box Cargo Worthy Container is an excellent choice when shipping and portability are important for your future needs. Cargo Worthy Containers are exactly what they sound like in that they are good enough to ship with now and in the future. These containers have gone through an inspection, and have received a damage-free certification. They are able to continue to be used in their capacity as a shipping container but have been selected to be able to use for a variety of purposes.

If you believe that you may need to ship your cargo container now or in the future, the Cargo Worthy Storage Container is the right option for you. You’ll find that these containers often still have labeling from the shipping line as well as scratches, dents, and surface rust in areas where there is exposed steel.

At Pro Box, we understand that shipping may not be the purpose you’re looking for a retired shipping cargo container for, but as these units are shown to be in good condition from their inspection, they make an excellent choice for a higher-end quality project. Contact our staff to learn more.

40ft High Cube Cargo Worthy Shipping Container Specifications

Exterior Interior Door Openings Trip Weight Fork Pockets

Length: 40'

Width: 8'

Height: 9' 6"

Length: 39' 5"

Width: 7' 8"

Height: 8' 10"

Width: 7' 8"

Height: 8' 5"

Tare: 8,600 lbs

Max Gross: 67,200 lbs

Cubic Cap: 2,700 cu. ft

Height: 0' 4 1/2"

Width: 1' 2 3 /16"

Center: 6' 9 7/8"

Pro Box

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