40ft High Cube IICL-5 Shipping Container

Highest Grade Used Container
Various Colors
5-10 Years Old
9' 6" Tall

40ft High Cube IICL-5 Shipping Container

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40' High Cube Container - IICL-5: Description

Our 40-foot High Cube IICL-5 Shipping Container is one of the top-selling products at Pro Box due to its increased storage capacity, affordability, and versatility. These containers have an increased height of 9 feet and 6 inches, making them an entire foot taller than standard ISO containers. That additional height and length increase their cargo capacity by about 12%, equating to a total of 2,694 cubic feet of interior space.

This 40-foot container comes in used condition. The IICL-5 rating it has meant that it is the highest grade of the used container. It has been certified to still be safe and viable for the shipping industry even though most of them range between 5 and 10 years old. All of these have been inspected by our team even after they receive the IICL rating. Paying that little bit extra gives you an extra guarantee of value and longevity.

If you need a specific paint job or customization done to make these used, 40-foot shipping containers suit your project or business better, talk to our team today. Call us to get more information on the container and your customization options.

Pro Box IICL Containers

Pro Box offers a variety of containers, including IICL-5 Containers. IICL stands for “International Institute of Container Lessors”, and these containers fall under their inspection specifications. Breaking that down, the IICL created a standard of inspection for ISO storage containers to ensure that they are in an adequate condition to continue to be used for a long-term lease for cargo transportation. It’s an assurance that the container can continue to perform in shipping capacities for the long term. Often, this inspection criterion is used by financial institutions, but for other businesses, it can act as a verification that the container meets a high-quality standard where it will be dependable and last long term for many years for any use.

Most Pro Box IICL-5 Containers are in excellent condition as they are typically newer than many other conditions, are structurally sound, and are visibly in better cosmetic condition than other cargo container conditions. The best part of these containers is that they are at a great price as they are not much more expensive than cargo-worthy containers. Ask to learn more about them from our great sales staff.

40ft High Cube IICL-5 Shipping Container Specifications

Exterior Interior Door Openings Trip Weight Fork Pockets

Length: 40'

Width: 8'

Height: 9' 6"

Length: 39' 5"

Width: 7' 8"

Height: 8' 10"

Width: 7' 8"

Height: 8' 5"

Tare: 8,600 lbs

Max Gross: 67,200 lbs

Cubic Cap: 2,700 cu. ft

Height: 0' 4 1/2"

Width: 1' 2 3 /16"

Center: 6' 9 7/8"

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