Albany, Georgia

Container Technology, Inc in Albany, GA, specializes in providing everything you need for shipping container sales, rentals, portable office solutions, cold-storage, and modifications. We are an industry leader and have been proud to serve the Albany area since 1988.

Do you need on-site storage in Albany, Georgia? CTI will have the ideal product for you, from new to used storage containers ranging in size and configuration. You'll find that we have shipping containers sized as small as 10 feet in length up to 53 feet to match your volume requirements.

Whether you are looking to purchase a like-new one trip shipping container for retail or residential purposes, a portable office for a construction site, or a refrigerated container for insulated storage, we have a vast array of top-quality, affordable options for you to consider. Our used containers come directly from international shipping services and have been checked by our knowledgeable team to meet our high-quality standards. Any one of our containers can be modified by our expert team members to suit your intended use.

All of our shipping container solutions can be delivered straight to you in Albany and throughout Georgia. Call CTI today to discuss your shipping container options and how you can customize them to meet your project specifications.

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Refrigerated Containers- Albany, GA

Container Technology, Inc. provides refrigerated and insulated containers for on-site cold storage to businesses and individuals in Albany and across all of Georgia. We have shipping containers available for sale, lease, and rental to suit your specifications and budget.

Refrigerated containers come with plenty of options to make them conveniently suit your project. They are available in 20 and 40-foot sizes and a variety of conditions, from new to used. Used containers are sourced from international shipping companies and are always inspected by our expert team members to ensure that they are in full-functioning order. New containers arrive directly from the manufacturer and are delivered straight to your location in Albany, GA.

All of our refrigerated containers are electric, helping to make them more environmentally-friendly. They require a source of 3-phase power at either 230V, which requires an adaptor sold separately, or their native 460V power source. Depending on the product you purchase or rent, the cold-storage units can maintain temperatures from below 0 to above 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Our customers use refrigerated containers for all kinds of applications, from seafood to pharmaceutical storage, temperature-controlled wine and beer storage, and field research.

Call CTI today to talk about your storage needs and the purchasing or rental options we have to suit.

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Container Modifications- Albany, GA

Container Technology, Inc. has more than 30 years of experience serving customers in and around Albany, GA. Not only do we offer product solutions to all of your shipping container needs, but we also have a team adept at container modifications. Cargo containers are often converted for all kinds of applications beyond the typical storage units many people know them as. They can be adapted to serve as storm shelters, medical centers, e-houses, portable offices, and more with the right modifications. Let your imagination run wild.

Our Container Technology, Inc. team members are experts at simple to advanced container modifications and adjustments. No matter your project's size or scope, we are here to help make your visions a reality and suit your unique project. Some of the potential modifications we can conduct include installing shelving, insulation, and outfitting temperature-sensitive systems such as heating and air-conditioning units. 

We also reconfigure shipping units, adding in windows, skylights, custom doors, unique flooring, and specialized cutting and framing jobs. Wiring is often essential for many custom projects. We can prerun writing for electrical outlets, lighting, data, and phone lines.

No matter what use you have in mind for your shipping container, we can modify it to suit. Contact CTI today to discuss your modification options.

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Portable Offices- Albany, GA

Container Technology, Inc. is a leader in the shipping container industry. We provide solutions to meet all of your possible shipping container needs, including portable offices. We have proudly served the Albany, GA area since 1988. Our team of container experts can modify any unit to suit your project's needs.

We sell portable office units in various sizes and configurations, from 20 to 40 feet long. Portable offices that are 20 feet long conveniently fit into a single parking spot and are easily portable on the back of a roll-back truck. Portable offices at 40 feet long are ideal for projects requiring more workstations or extra room to store inventory. How much office space do you need?

Our portable offices are outfitted with insulation, lighting, single-entry doors, and wiring for electrical, data, and phone lines. We can continue to customize your unit to suit your project specifications. These modifications can include additional windows and security, temperature control, unique flooring, skylights, and more. We can also outfit multiple office containers to link together as an office combination conversion, whether it be for retail, residential, or construction purposes.

Call CTI today to talk with a representative about our portable office inventory and customization options in Albany, Georgia.

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Container Sales- Albany, GA

Container Technology, Inc. supplies Albany, GA, with a wide array of shipping containers for sale. We sell a vast array of solutions to individuals and businesses across the region. Whether you need shipping containers for standard storage, insulated storage, portable offices, or residential applications, we have a product for you.

Our containers come in a range of conditions, configurations, and sizes. We sell containers from 10 to 53 feet long to match your desired interior volume. All of these sizes come in both used and new conditions. Our used containers are sourced from international shipping companies and then our team of experts assesses them for factors such as structural integrity, cargo-worthiness, and waterproofness. Once they pass their inspection, they are certified and can be delivered to your location in Albany, GA.

Our one trip containers are a popular option because they come straight from the manufacturer after having only been loaded with cargo once. They are high-quality and come in like-new condition. These containers can serve as portable offices, additional storage, or even become a swimming pool.

 The CTI inventory is available throughout Georgia and all of the Southeast. Contact CTI today to discuss your container specifications and the products we have for sale or shipment in your region.

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