Augusta, Georgia

Container Technology, Inc. has been the number one provider of shipping container sales, rentals, and container modifications in Augusta, GA since 1988. We also offer portable offices, refrigerated container sales and rentals, wind and watertight shipping containers, and cargo-worthy containers that are certified for shipping.

If you need temporary on-site storage in Augusta, a shipping container is an excellent option! We have both new “one-trip” shipping containers for sale and high-quality used shipping containers for sale and for rent. Our “one-trip” shipping containers are loaded with cargo and shipped directly from the factory to the United States. Unlike used containers, they’ve never been used for international or intermodal shipping. 

Our shipping containers come in a variety of sizes and configurations. Whether you need a small 10-foot storage container or an extra-large 53-foot shipping container, we’ve got you covered! 

Need a container modification to make your shipping container more convenient to use? CTI’s expert modification specialists can handle everything from adding windows and ventilation to installing an HVAC system, custom paint jobs, or building a shipping container pool, workshop, or even a home! 

Contact us today to learn why so many Augusta residents choose CTI for all their shipping container needs.

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Container Sales- Augusta, GA

If you’re looking for shipping containers for sale in Augusta, you’re in the right place. Container Technology, Inc. has been providing new and quality used shipping containers to Augusta area residents since 1988.

CTI offers a wide range of shipping containers for sale, ranging in size from 10-feet to 53-feet in length. We also offer refrigerated shipping containers, refurbished containers, wind and watertight containers, and cargo-worthy containers that are certified for shipping. They’re available in a variety of conditions, including our one-trip containers that are never used for international shipping. They’re loaded with cargo and shipped one time to the United States before being sold to consumers.

Shipping containers go by many different names including Conex boxes, cargo containers, intermodal containers, and storage containers. No matter what you call them, there are many great reasons to buy a shipping container. They’re commonly used by both individuals and businesses for on-site storage, as mobile offices, and more.

Whether you’re located in Augusta or another nearby location, CTI can handle all of your shipping container needs. We have inventory throughout the southeast United States and are happy to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Browse our inventory below or contact us today to get started!

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Refrigerated Containers- Augusta, GA

If you need cold storage in Augusta, GA, a refrigerated shipping container is the ideal solution. At Container Technology, Inc. we offer both 20-foot and 40-foot refrigerated containers for sale and for rent. These environmentally-friendly electric containers run on either 230-volt or 460-volt 3-phase power.

All of our refrigerated shipping containers come standard with lockable double doors and t-rail flooring that is durable enough for use with a forklift or pallet jack. Depending on what they hold and how they’re used, they’re capable of maintaining temperatures ranging from 0 degrees and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes them ideal for a wide range of purposes, including food and beverage storage, pharmaceuticals, polymers, adhesives, and more.  

CTI has been providing convenient on-site temperature-controlled and cold storage solutions in Augusta and the surrounding area for over 30 years. We offer new refrigerated shipping containers for sale and used containers for sale or for rent. Our new containers come directly from the manufacturer and typically have a manufacturer's warranty on the cooling units. If you choose a used container, you can have the confidence of knowing it will be thoroughly inspected and delivered in working condition.

For all of your refrigerated shipping container needs, look no further than CTI. We look forward to showing you why we’ve been the number one refrigerated shipping container provider in Augusta since 1988!  

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Portable Offices- Augusta, GA

There are many benefits of purchasing a portable or mobile office in Augusta, GA. Whether your current office space is under renovation or you need to set up shop at a temporary location, a shipping container office is the perfect solution.

Container Technology, Inc. has been the industry leader in mobile offices since 1988. We offer portable offices in both 20-foot and 40-foot sizes and can customize your container office to meet your exact specifications.

When you require a large workspace, the 40-foot option gives you plenty of flexibility. We can modify your container to create multiple workstations and add insulation, electrical outlets, lights, windows, and additional entry doors. You can also optimize your space by using your 40-foot storage container to create a mobile office/storage combination.

For businesses that have a smaller parking area, the 20-foot portable office is often the best solution. These units can fit into a standard parking space and are easy to maneuver in the perfect location. If you want to move your portable office to various locations throughout the Augusta area, it’s easy to do so using a wrecker-style or roll-back truck.

No matter what your job site or storage needs may be, the experts at CTI will help you get the job done! Contact us today to learn more.

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Container Modifications- Augusta, GA

Container Technology, Inc. has been providing exceptional-quality container modifications in Augusta for over 30 years. Our modification experts can customize your shipping container to your exact specifications. Whether you need something simple, like a window installation or you’re dreaming of a more complex project, we can turn your vision into a reality.

From shipping container homes and storm shelters to mini storage units, shipping container pools, mobile offices, and more, we do it all. No job is too big or too small and our team of fabricators loves a challenge.

Some of the most popular requests for container modifications in Augusta include installing HVAC systems, adding custom doors, and installing electrical packages, shelving, and security features. Our fabricators also frequently refurbish containers, install flooring, insulation, ventilation, and skylights. They also have the skills needed for cutting and framing, and custom paint jobs.

If you’re located in Augusta or the surrounding area and you need a container modification, look no further. Whether you know exactly what type of modification you need or you’re looking for some guidance, we’re here to help. Contact us today to discuss your project. Our knowledgeable container specialists will help you decide which modifications you need, provide a transparent estimate, and show you how to get started.

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