Savannah, Georgia

Container Technology, Inc. has been providing containers to folks in Savannah, GA, since 1988, providing solutions to all of your container needs. We specialize in shipping container sales and rentals, working to consistently supply the best in the business in terms of quality and affordability.

Some of the shipping container solutions we supply include refrigerated containers, storage containers, and portable offices, all in various sizes and configurations. Most of our container sizes range from 10 to 45 feet long and standard to high cube height for maximum interior capacity. Our highly trained teams are experts in shipping container modifications as well. We strive to adapt our shipping containers to meet any specification you might want and personalize them to your project. These can include cutting and fitting, specialized window and door configurations, electrical wiring, and more.

From retail to residential, cold-storage to inventory, CTI can provide you with the container you need in Savannah, GA. Whether you would prefer to buy or rent, we have got the shipping container solutions for you.

Call CTI in Savannah, Georgia, today to speak with a local representative about your needs and how our teams at Container Technology, Inc. can suit them.

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Container Sales- Savannah, GA

Container Technology, Inc specializes in shipping container sales in Savannah, Georgia. We are an industry leader in the shipping container business and provide the best solutions to any of your container needs. We understand that shipping containers can have a wide variety of uses and adapt them to fit your needs and specifications

Here at CTI in Savannah, GA, we offer a wide variety of size options and potential configurations. Our shipping containers for sale can extend from 10 to 45 feet long and be either standard height or high cube variant to maximize your internal volume. Whether you need insulated storage solutions such as refrigerated containers or simply a standard corrugated steel container with specialized door configurations for inventory storage, we have it all. From retail use to construction or residential, shipping containers can suit diverse needs.

We also have new "one-trip" containers. These containers have been loaded with cargo once, shipped to the US, and then sold after their single use. These come in like-new quality, although we have containers in other conditions, depending on your budgets and project requirements.

Call CTI today to speak with one of our local representatives about your project and the container inventory we have to suit your needs.

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Refrigerated Containers- Savannah, GA

Container Technology, Inc has served the area of Savannah, GA since 1988. We provide a wide variety of solutions to meet any of your shipping container needs, including on-site cold storage containers. Whether you want to rent or purchase refrigerated or insulated containers from CTI in Savannah, Georgia, we have the products to suit.

Our refrigerated containers come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 20 to 40 feet long. We also offer an assortment of conditions for your product of choice, from new to used. Our new containers arrive directly from the manufacturer and typically have a warranty for their cooling system. 

Refrigerated containers run on electricity using a 3 phase power system, either 230V, for which they may need an adaptor or the native 460V. They maintain temperatures below 1 up to 75 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the product. 

Our customers use refrigerated containers for things like storing pharmaceuticals to producing adhesives and polymers. These products can be useful for field research, wine storage, geotechnical projects, and so much more. We understand that the contents can be valuable, so each container comes with standard double lockable doors.

Call us at CTI today to talk with a local representative about your cold storage options.

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Portable Offices- Savannah, GA

Container Technology, Inc has served the region of Savannah, GA, since 1988, providing high-quality container solutions and customer service at an affordable price. During that entire time, our team has customized shipping containers to serve as portable offices for businesses throughout the region. Our crews are experts at the modifications needed to create a mobile office, from renovations to painting jobs and wiring.

We offer portable offices in 20-foot and 40-foot sizes depending on the amount of space you have to accommodate them on the site. Portable offices in the 20-foot size are easily maneuvered into parking lots and tight spaces. You can also combine several shipping container offices to create customized, portable office complexes on your site.

Our portable offices are typically equipped with electrical wiring for interior and exterior lighting options. We can also wire in data and phone lines to enhance a unit's usability. Customizable door and window configurations are also available, allowing you to install roll-up doors or single entry, lockable doorways. They are also often insulated and temperature-controlled on their interior.

If you are interested in a portable office for your business or residence in Savannah, GA, call us at CTI today to speak with a local representative.

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Container Modifications- Savannah, GA

Container Technology, Inc. has more than 30 years of experience serving the region of Savannah, GA. We strive to source high-quality containers at affordable prices for all of our clients, finding excellent container solutions for any of their project needs. We specialize in supplying containers in various sizes and conditions, and we can customize them to suit your project.

Our team members are all trained experts in container modifications. We can modify containers by adding customized doors, such as roll-up or single entrance portals, and add access ramps if necessary. We can paint and refurbish any of our containers, no matter their condition. We also cut and frame them if you need them to be oriented for a specific function. We can install heating and air conditioning units, specialized flooring, insulation, and fit the interior with shelving. From ventilation to windows and additional security features, we cover the standard range of modifications and then some.

Our containers can come in any shape and configuration to meet your needs, from retail purposes like small business use to residential housing. If you are interested in a shipping container and its potential modifications, call us at CTI today and speak to a local representative about your specifications.

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