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About Container Solutions

When it comes time to research options for buying or leasing storage containers in San Francisco, you are in luck! Container Solutions is your one-stop-shop for sales and rental of shipping containers, refrigerated containers, portable offices, container modifications, and container accessories in Northern California.

Refrigerated container rentals, or reefers, are a popular choice at festivals and events for the short-term storage of fruits, vegetables, and other perishable items. We also have many satisfied customers that have used our modification services to turn their container into a portable office, backyard guest house, or other container conversion project. Customization solutions include insulation, ventilation, installing HVAC, lighting and electrical packages, windows and skylights, and custom paint.

We have every size and configuration of containers including 10-foot one trip containers, 20-foot refurbished containers, 20-foot open side one trip containers, 40-foot cargo worthy containers, 40-foot high cube open side one trip containers, 45-foot IICL-5 containers, and more. Container accessories such as ramps, lights, locks, and locking systems are another one of our available services. 

Reach out to Container Solutions for shipping container sales and rentals in the San Francisco Bay Area. Your sales rep can get you a quick quote and discuss options for container delivery to your industrial, commercial, retail, or residential site. 

Container Solutions

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