Columbia, South Carolina

Columbia may be the capital of South Carolina, but it’s also your go-to place to source shipping cargo containers for your next big project. Thanks to our excellent inventory and modification team, we are the best source for shipping contain solutions at Container Technology, Inc. No matter if you own a home that you want to add a guest suite in the backyard, have a business that needs extra storage, or other project types, Columbia’s Container Technology, Inc. is ready to help.

We have a wide selection of cargo containers in a variety of conditions that are ready for your next project. Does your dream project require more than just a bare interior and the standard setup of most cargo containers? No worries, as we offer modifications and accessories to help you get the most out of your cargo container, no matter how simple a project or how luxurious.

Did you know that we have partner facilities around the country that can help your business no matter your location? Plus, this means that if we don’t currently stock the container you need, we can easily find one from one of our partners to ensure that you get what you need.

Contact our staff at our Columbia, South Carolina location to learn about our currently available inventory, services, accessories, modifications, delivery, and more. 

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Portable Offices - Columbia, SC

Has your office gotten cramped? Not enough room for everyone as your business has expanded? Need a backyard office where you can escape to when you need to get work done? No matter the reason behind it, a portable office can be exactly what you need. Portable shipping container offices work great for a variety of uses. Container Technology, Inc. can provide you with the perfect space to help give you breathing room. Our clients in Columbia, South Carolina, are residential, commercial, and retail.

Our typical containers work well for office space, document storage, and more. They often have lighting, windows, HVAC, insulation, communication/data ports, security features, and electrical. That being said, if our typical container portable office doesn’t work for you, we can help you convert the perfect container into a mobile office that works exactly as you need it to work. We can even stack containers or put two side-by-side to achieve your space needs.

Does a Columbia, South Carolina portable office sound like a good idea for your needs? Contact our experts at Container Tehcnology Inc. to learn more about the available options for our portable container offices. You can start by having your questions answered, getting a quote, learning about the delivery process, and more.

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Refrigerated Containers- Columbia, SC

Do you not have enough room in your Columbia food truck to store your cold produce and meat? Looking for options for storing your server equipment when you upgraded your computers? There are various reasons why you need reliable cold storage, and a refrigerated container may be your best option.

On-site cold storage options have been available through Container Technology Inc. since 1988 for all of Columbia, South Carolina. We pride ourselves on the selection that we offer to our clients. We serve residential, commercial, and retail clients with premium refrigerated containers available when you need to keep the contents inside your container at a set cold temperature.

We offer refrigerated containers in various sizes based on your needs at 20 feet and 40 feet. You can purchase these containers from us, new or used. We also lease and rent our containers depending on your needs. These containers do require electricity to keep them up and running. Insulated and non-working containers are also available when you need to keep items cooler than the outside temperature but don’t have access to electricity. 

Looking to learn more about our Columbia refrigerated containers available in stock? Contact our staff at Container Technology Inc. to learn more about our current inventory, discuss delivery, find out about the electrical needs required with refrigerated containers, or other questions. 

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Container Modifications- Columbia, SC

There is a good chance that a basic container with a bare-bones interior may not be exactly what you need for your particular project. Not every project is created the same, and the same is true for containers. That is why Container Technology, Inc. offers container modifications. Modifications can turn any simple container into your dream project.

Container Technology in Columbia, South Carolina, handles a number of modifications that can be combined to create the perfect container interior for you. Some of the modifications include lighting, electrical, windows, doors, security features, skylights, ventilation, flooring, insulation, HVAC, shelving, and more.

Our professional team can help you brainstorm what you need for your container project, what modifications are necessary, create a timeline, and give you a transparent estimate on costs. Let us help you plan the perfect container for your office, business, or home. 

Ready to learn more about how your Columbia, South Carolina container can be modified to better suit your needs? Contact our knowledgeable staff today to discuss the different modifications that will help you get the most out of your new shipping container. Our staff can walk you through any questions you may have about it and provide you with a quote. 

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Container Sales- Columbia, SC

Whether your location is in the Southeastern United States, Container Technology Inc. in Columbia, South Carolina, is here for your shipping container purchasing needs. Our containers are available for sale, rent, and lease to residential, commercial, and retail clients. No project is too big or too small for our containers.

Shipping containers are versatile building materials and can be used for anything as simple as a storage container behind your factory to a luxury container home. They are readily available through Container Technology Inc., affordable for any budget, and eco-friendly. In addition, they come in a variety of sizes and conditions to help you find the perfect container for your particular usage.

Used shipping containers typically come on the market after being used in international shipping for about 10 to 12 years. We also offer containers that are like-new one-trip cargo containers that have been used once. These containers are built, loaded with cargo, shipped to us, and then put up for sale. You get the value of a like-new container, but at a discounted price compared to a newly built container. 

Our sales department in Columbia, South Carolina, is ready to discuss our shipping container inventory, any questions you may have, modifications, accessories, delivery, or other information you may need before purchase. 

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