Heber, Arizona

ProBox is here for you in Heber, AZ.  We have solutions to match your needs in Heber, AZ.  We have the newest fleet in the industry and are committed to not only providing you what you need but making it easy for you.  Our clients continue to choose us to serve Heber, AZ.  ProBox is locally owned and operated, offering competitive rental and delivery rates to you in Heber, AZ.  

We offer container for rent in Heber, AZ as well as containers for sale inHeber, AZ.  All rental containers come with high security locking system and two day local pickup or free delivery.  Give us a call today and find out why ProBox is the best container solution for you in Heber, AZ.  

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ProBox Container Rentals

ProBox Portable Storage has been providing safe and secure on-site storage solutions to individuals and businesses servicing Heber, AZ.  The team at Pro Box strives to provide both the best in customer service and storage container rentals in Heber.  One size does not fit all and we have the sizes and door configurations to match your needs.

We offer affordable shipping container rentals for many applications throughout Heber, AZ.  They can range from storing additional inventory, machinery, sporting equipment, tools, restaurant equipment, household items, building materials and many more. 

Come see why ProBox Portable Storage is the fastest growing rental company throughout Arizona, Colorado and Oklahoma.  We provide both premium and economy containers to fit your budget and needs.  

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ProBox Container Sales

ProBox is your number 1 choice for new and used containers for sale in the Heber, AZ.  If your need for a container is permanent perhaps buying a container is a great option.  We also offer easy, affordable containers for rent.  

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ProBox Portable Offices

Whether you need to rent or buy a portable office shipping container for your current and future projects in  Heber, AZ, our energetic team at Pro Box Portable Storage can help you find what you need. We work with various businesses in multiple industries that frequently need functional office space for temporary circumstances, such as construction projects or a permanent extension to their existing site without the cost and commitment of building a permanent structure. A portable office is frequently the perfect solution since business owners and some residential customers can choose from multiple sizes, conditions, and modifications. 

Our Pro Box team works with the shipping lines to get the best containers in various conditions, such as one-trip, like-new, new, used, refurbished, WWT, and cargo-worthy delivered to you in  Heber, AZ. You might find that a used 10-foot, 20-foot, or 40-foot container works perfectly for your needs, even if it needs a new coat of paint and some additional modifications, based on your specifications. Our modifications team will tackle your project, adding new flooring, lighting, heating and cooling, electricity, and windows to ensure that your portable office is ready and equipped for your team's daily functional needs. 

Contact our Pro Box portable office team to learn about this essential solution for temporary projects, unanticipated organizational growth, and more. Call us today we can help get you what you need Heber, AZ.

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ProBox Container Modifications

Our Pro Box Portable Storage solution team is here to help you find the right container for your project in Heber, AZ, which might mean the one you choose needs some modifications to ensure it's functional and convenient. Our modification team will take your requested specifications, take the raw, high-quality foundation of your selected shipping container, and turn it into your portable office, mobile health clinic, or retail shop with dedication, industry knowledge, and superior craftsmanship. 

We work with the shipping line to keep a strong inventory of containers in various sizes and conditions. Our Conex container sizes include 10-foot, 20-foot, 40-foot, and 45-foot in length with two different height sizes at 8-feet, 6-inches and 9-feet, 6-inches tall. Depending on the condition of the container you choose, such as one that is like-new, new, or one-trip, you might need to do fewer cosmetic modifications. However, you might want to consider some functional modifications and specifications we can deliver to you in Heber, AZ, such as installing heating and air conditioning, doing electrical work, adding computer networking capabilities, installing windows, and putting in custom doors and locks for easier access.

Our Pro Box modifications team loves a challenge, so contact us today to give us all the specifics of your project, so we can get to work! Heber, AZ

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